Friday, June 29, 2012


I saw this photo on Pinterest and it made me laugh. I'm not a horrid person thinking this should be allowed, there's more to my thinking...

Mom has told me numerous times how I watched an episode of Oprah when I was little girl. Then one day out of the blue at the supper table, I told my family I wanted to be anorexic, said with excitement. You can only imagine the thoughts going through everyone's mind. I didn't even know what anorexia meant nor can I explain what on earth made me think this was cool. Almost like I thought it was like a career. Most little kids would want to be a movie star, firefighter, teacher, etc but not me apparently. I'm sure I didn't notice the bones showing, yellowing of the teeth (from bulimia), tiredness, hair loss, or the risk of death on the show. Kind of makes me curious as to what was actually talked about on the show to make me proud and cool to say I would be that when I grew up! lol Luckily for my parents I love food!!

So when I saw this photo I thought of me, an innocent little girl thinking I was going to grow up to become anorexic! 

{Thank goodness it's Friday} Quote of the Day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...I switch my ramblings on Thursdays now so I can do a wordless Wednesday. I wasn't too fond of my Tongue-tied Thursday title so that's why I haven't been doing one.

...After having last Thursday off and now today, I could get used to this! Makes me miss working in St. Robert because they allowed me to get paid 40 hours a week and have Thursdays off since I drove from Rolla. Oh those were the days! :) 

...Our electric bill was high last month and wasn't that high last year until August. Sigh. I can guarantee it's only going to get worse since we're reaching the 100s this week. Have I ever mentioned I love the cold weather? Bring on Fall!

...This weekend I get to see Vienna girls again! Friday Mike and I plan to go to the local ball field since two friends will be playing St E there. Saturday is the 80s! Dressing in 80s attire and heading to a camp site to meet up with Kristina and a bunch of others celebrating her 30th birthday! I wish I could have went on the float trip, but with wedding near I couldn't take a full weekend away, especially since my whole month of July is booked solid!

...Part of my church gift was a knife set. I'm starting to wonder how on earth I managed without good knives. I cut an onion Monday night and didn't have to saw it at all! The knives I've been using were a cheap Walmart brand that I bought when I was 17 or 18 when I moved to my parents basement. 

...Our lovely neighbors, the Reinkemeyers gave us 6 cucumbers from their garden! I think their garden is big enough to supply everyone in town. Couldn't have gave it to us at a better time since I'm making a pasta dish this weekend. It's a simple recipe from my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Elizabeth. Cucumbers, pasta noodles (preferably the mixed color spiral noodles to add color), broccoli, carrots, packaged ranch dressing(dry) and a little regular ranch dressing! YUM-O!

...Found something a few weeks ago at Family Center for my programs and I can reuse it later to plant flowers in, etc. As I was browsing Pinterest this week I saw the same idea on there! Ahh! lol 

...My ring is finally in! If I have time today I'll run to Jeff to get it otherwise it will be Saturday morning! 

...Our songs and readings are officially picked out!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living on the Edge

Edge Showdown
Right after mom bought her Edge from a local girl, dad swore hers was longer and taller than mine. So being a man, he had to see it to believe it! Parked them side by side and he even got the tape measure out. lol He was bound and determined to find out he was right. All mom and I could do was watch and laugh at him a lot! End result, mine is actually 5/8th's taller since I don't have the panoramic roof like mom does.

Mom's is way more sportier than mine and is actually the exact color, etc that I was going to order when I bought mine. Little sh*t! :) So now I call mine the grandma to hers.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We were short people since a coworker was getting married and a few others were in the wedding or out on vacation so corporate let us leave at 4! That rarely happens. Headed straight to Brinktown to help set up and decorate for a couple's baby shower for Lindsay and Derrick. It was a nice evening visiting with everyone there. 

Corrie & Zach Petschonek's wedding day! Mike and I headed to my mom and dads to drop his truck off since we were staying the night and needed to drive separate the next day for my shower. Wedding was in Crystal City, Missouri. It was a long drive and we took literally 10 different roads after we got off I-44 to get to the church. lol It was nice to see different scenery along the way so we enjoyed it. My camera was being retarded. The battery was full but it kept saying battery exhausted! lol Never thought a camera would say that.
Mike and I at mom and dads before we left.
This was a main highway to get to Crystal City. The trees on the other side of the road were literally right next to the road.
Crystal City, Missouri

Grace Presbyterian Church. I should have got out and took a better picture. This picture isn't the greatest.
Michelle, Corrie and I.

The reception was in St. Louis and four hours after the wedding so we decided at the last minute not to attend. Came back to mom and dads then went out to eat at Randy's Roadkill. Surprisingly there was a few there from St. Anthony. 

Dad fixed us breakfast. Mike headed back home to go to his church with Jr. I headed to the Methodist Church then my first bridal shower was afterward. I cannot believe at how much work my church puts into showers. Very appreciative of each and every one of them especially Sharon. Got lots of goodies and some neat gifts. You could tell some of the gifts, the givers put a lot of thought into them. THANK YOU! Stayed to help clean up then headed home to show Mike our wedding gifts. 

Mom and I at the shower. I think my dress is a little long after seeing this picture or its just the fact I'm not used to wearing dresses. Well I am short so that is a contender on the issue as well! lol

Future sister-in-law, Lisa and mother-in-law Laverne. Lisa looks more excited than the bride-to-be in this picture! :) 
The low light of my weekend was heading to Mike's mom and dads to use their computer for part of our couple class. Mike and I both had to take 180 question FOCCUS test about life, relationship, etc. It was boring, very personal and I didn't see the need to take it! lol At least it's done and over with. Next month we do have an all day Pre-Cana class at St. Marys. Really not looking forward to that one. Came home and washed the gifts that needed washed then put them all away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dress Update

After several phone calls back and forth, Ann at Victoria's took care of it for me. Ahh such a huge sigh of relief! This has never happened to them (Victoria's) before. The company who makes the bridesmaid dresses I chose made a mistake. Hey, it happens! Even on their end it said satin material not taffeta on the ticket order, so needless to say even that company was dumbfounded as to how this happened. Dresses are reordered and will be in satin! Thank the Lord! The flower girl dress is already in the works of being made in the same material by her great-grandma so now it will all work out perfectly! Patience is a virtue and something I really need to work on during this wedding process. In the meantime, I hope I haven't went to bridezilla and scared any bridesmaid away! :) 

Wednesday Ramblings

...Over the weekend Lisa's bridesmaid dress was at Mike's mom and dads house. Glad I asked to see it, it was in the WRONG material! I have no idea how this could of happened. I had a round about style I liked for the girls but wanted them to have a say in it just as long as it's wasn't in a taffeta material since it tends to wrinkle easy. Not a big deal, the dress we picked wasn't no where near that material. Well guess what material it came in.... TAFFETA! Part of me just wanted to say heck with it and go with the flow and the other part is not wanting to just settle because it's their mistake and my only wedding!
...This weekend is a busy one. Friday I am going to try and leave work early so I can go decorate for a friend's baby shower. Saturday I have a wedding to attend for a coworker around Chesterfield and Sunday is my first bridal shower. Looking forward to the weekend festivities, I think I should have took Monday off just to sleep in. :)

...Tomorrow I go for my dress fitting, picking up wedding invitations, and finalizing my flowers with the local florist. Getting one step closer...

...For the past few months I've exchanged a few phones calls with a lady from another newspaper. She came to me and is trying her best to get me hired there. Nice to feel wanted. All they have available right now is part time at 30 hours a week for the same pay I make now, but I can't settle for that. So therefore, I'm thinking about purchasing a Mac and the programs needed to do side work for them to get my foot in the door. Not to mention it would be sooo nice to not have to venture out in the winter when it's bad out, I can work from home! :) Did I mention this is NOT a corporate business? Corporate world sucks... aka Gatehouse Media! 

...Yesterday two people put in their notices. I hate having to go through new people all the time and reteach the process to them, but I understand they need to leave to better their career. One day, I will be able to do the same. For now I will just have to keep sucking it up! :)  

...Liking the new blogging options, this post was actually done yesterday (Tues.) and automatically posted today.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I sat out on our patio while supper was in the oven. His uncle Jr. and Roger stopped by for a visit. Evening was still early so we headed over to the ball field in town to watch Lisa play slow pitch. It was nice to see others we don't see too regularly especially now that bowling season is over until the Fall. 

I painted the hallway and trim. Mike says it has a retro feel to it. It's more of a greenish blue and I was shooting for more of a blueish green, if that makes any sens. He likes it better than the tan, it's still growing on me. While finishing up in the hallway, Mike started painting my garage. Looks 10 times better now that it's all one color! Ahh starting to feel a little bit of accomplishment with our house to-do list, which isn't too long. Had left over paint so we started on Mike's garage on the outside boards. 

That evening we headed to Mike's brother, Steven and Ashley's house for a BBQ. I'm not going to tell our personal barbequer (Mike's other brother, Randy) that his brother may have him beat on pork steaks. lol They were really good along with everything else including my favorite, cooked cabbage. Sat by the fire and played with Jake for a while. Left just in time before the rain set in. 
Headed to my grandma and grandpa's for Father's day dinner. Came home then headed over to Jr's to watch Jake fish. That evening we headed to Mike's mom and dads for another barbeque. Again we watched and played with Jake, for such a short little guy he can hit the ball good. He's going to be a good little ball player and takes it so seriously for his age.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...Over the weekend our water heater went out. So far it's looking to just be a fluke, but we may need to look into replacing it sometime soon anyway. The fix may only last a short while, it's pretty old. Oh the joys of home ownership!

...A girl I work with today was proud to state she doesn't believe, and yes I mean in God. I can't even imagine not having God in my life everyday, the one I can always turn to on at any given day, time or place. I pray that one day she WILL believe.

...Not much planned this weekend. Looking to maybe tackle some much needed home improvements like finally getting around to painting my hallway after we replaced our thermostat last winter and finish painting my garage. Might have to squeeze in some wedding decor as well. :) 

...The drive to work is really getting to me lately. Which I just need to suck it up and deal with it! :) Even if I was to get another job, there would still be a drive. Just a little downside of living in a small town out in the boonies, but I wouldn't change it any other way.

...I can't believe how fast Summer is already flying by! CrAzY!! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Got a few groceries after work and it was a quiet evening in. 

Attended the wedding of Chris and Launa Kliethermes. Turned out to be a nice day for it with a constant breeze.

Met a friend in Meta then headed to Folk to start getting the hall ready for Danielle's shower. Probably should have drove myself, because I am now very fond of the new Ford Explorers. lol Ahh wishful thinking, I'll just have to enjoy Ashlie's unless she wants to sell it to me. :) Danielle got lots of goodies to fill her new house. Got to meet her new nephew, Kayden. Considering what all happened during his delivery, his momma is doing extremely well. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...My friend Danielle became an aunt on Monday. It was very scary during the delivery for both the mom and the baby. Thankfully both are now doing good!

...We got invitation proofs back through email. I didn't care for any of the sample invitations! I feel bad the lady took the time of creating 10+ different looks, but being a graphics person myself I knew it shouldn't have taken too much of her time. I ended up just making them myself.

...A distant cousin of Mike's is getting married this Saturday.

...This weekend is Danielle's wedding shower. Crazy how fast time flies! 

...Within the past week, we are on our 4th watermelon here at work! They've been so good and juicy. Sure beats the donuts and cookies they bring in for snacks. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I went to his mom and dads to listen to wedding songs. Got all of the songs for Mike's friend to sing picked out, now to figure out the rest for the organist.

Mom met me at the house for a day of shopping. Dropped my ring off to be re-sized for the second time. Started off with a 7, then 6 and now 5 1/2. lol My wedding band was in and just my luck the WRONG band was ordered. So back to square one since they never originally had my band there to begin with. When we first picked it out, it was when a jeweler was there selling which was the one who matched my ring to a perfect band since it didn't originally come with one. Come to find out my ring was made right here in Missouri so it will be sent to the jeweler to have a band made to match it. It's almost like my grandma Dodie (Elrod) was with Mike the day he picked my ring out. We found out the maker of the ring is like a hidden gem in Missouri. This company also makes Eastern Star and Masonic Lodge jewelry/pendants for all of the United States. My grandma was a big part of the local Eastern Star and took her roles there very seriously. My grandpa, uncle, dad and now my brother Todd and cousin Dustin are all Masonic Lodge members as well. So my ring fits right in with my family history and now means even more to me than it already did.

Got quite a bit of odd and ends knocked off our wedding to-do list including shoes! Just in time since my dress is in. :) Had lunch at Red Lobster. Came home to find mom's new-to-her vehicle in my driveway since the previous owner dropped it off there while we were shopping. She bought a newer Edge than mine from a local girl and I LOVE IT! For some reason, she didn't want to trade vehicles and still keep her new payments. It's exactly what I was going to buy when I bought mine. Little stinker! :) 

That evening Randy and Elizabeth were grilling at their house and had a few over. It was such a nice evening in town for a BBQ and to sit around the fire. 

Drove mom's truck to Vienna for her and went to church. Been awhile since I've been to church there. I plan to convert to Catholic next year, should have done that this year but I didn't even know the classes were going on until it was too late! After church, headed to the ballpark in town to celebrate my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. It was just our immediate family there to eat and followed by extended family and friends at 2 for cake. Some of us grandkids played volleyball. I think I could have taken my cousins little baby, Kaleb home with me. He's so cuddly and just laid on my shoulder for a half hour. Had a nice afternoon of visiting and grateful my grandparents health allowed them to stay as long as they did. Came home and literally played lazy the rest of the evening and even took a nap! I haven't done that in forever. lol