Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We just got word today of a man going into houses in Rolla to watch people sleep. Then he would leave a memento of some sort so who ever would know someone was in their house while they were sleeping!

This is from our webiste, therolladailynews.com
The Rolla Police Department is reminding people to lock their doors and windows after receiving reports of a man entering unlocked homes in Rolla.
According to Chief Mark Kearse, officers are unsure how long this has been going on, but the police became aware of the incidents over the last three to four days.
According to reports, the man is walking into people’s homes that are unlocked late at night and watching people sleep.
He may leave some kind of sign of him being there, but Kearse said he doesn’t believe it is anything gross. “He might be moving things,” the police chief said.
The RPD believes the man may be intoxicated while entering the homes. Reports have come from all around the city, not just one area, Kearse said.
No description of the subject is available.
Kearse is telling the public to lock their doors and windows, leave outside lights on and call on suspicious people in the area.
Anyone with information on this crime should call the RPD at 573-308-1213 and talk to a detective or call the confidential hotline at 573-364-0111.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Parker Pics

All prim and proper when it comes to sleeping with his pinky fingers up. lol Caught a little smile while he was sleeping.

Little stinker would quit smiling every time he saw the camera.

Weekend Wrap Up

Went over to see Kylie and visited with Randy and Elizabeth for awhile. Picked up Kittys to go and it was an early night in. 

Picked up around the house then headed to Vienna to meet my cousin Kara and Parker. She was over an hour late due to construction work. Crazy! Came home with Parker, he was full of grins and jabbering a lot when we got home. Since he was in such a good mood we took him to Mike's mom and dads. I wish I would have got on video his reaction to Mike's dad. He first smiled real big at him then started to put with his little lip quivering. lol He was fighting to sleep and not very happy since he was gassy so we came back home. After some gas drops and a bottle he was a happy camper. That evening I took him back to meet his momma after she got off work. As soon we we pulled into Vienna, he started crying. I told him he needed to quit so mommy knew he was a good little boy all day, well that only made his crying even worse. lol 

Came home then walked over to the neighbors house where Mike was. I think Mike found a new toy he loves, have to admit it was pretty fun to play. You let a bird go flying in the air then you take the gun and shoot it to get it to stop. 

I had a migraine so I stayed home from church and slept in. Went to a bridal shower at the community center for friends of ours who is getting married in October. Came home to clean the house some more, finished my thank you cards then made spaghetti for supper. I think Mike's grandmas recipe is making this one of my favorite foods, except we have to have meat in it, unlike her recipe which is just sauce and noodles! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Used to my monthly (well maybe 3 times a month) treat was Subway, lately it's been Arby's Pecan Chicken Wrap. Love! 

...Grandma is still in the hospital. Sure hope her body will be able to form scar tissue so fluid will stop going into her heart and lungs. I couldn't believe the briefcase like container that was filled up just in an hour or so on Tuesday morning. 

...My new bridesmaid/cousin, Kara needed someone to watch her baby while she works. So Saturday I'm on Parker duty all afternoon and evening. I'm sure he won't be spoiled at all! :)

...I posted awhile back we had our readings/vows/prayers picked out. That post was typed up two days prior and we had all intentions to get it done that week and I forgot I put it on there until a week later. I can say it is finally done as of this week. Hallelujah! Now we just need to work on finishing up our songs asap so our singer/guitarist can practice with the organist. The organist is the same one who played for Mike's mom and dads wedding.

...Just found out this week, Mike's mom got ready in our house for her wedding. Our house was first owned by one of Mike's uncles if I remember correctly. From there it's been a first home for 3 other families who will all be at the wedding. The third owner's son, Carson is also going to be a server in our wedding. 

...Can't believe the wedding is just a little over a month away.

...Not ready for the wedding to be here just yet, but at the same time I'm ready for it to be over with. So tired of being broke. :) 

...Trying to stay away from soda for awhile until the wedding. I already have problems with my face and body swelling/bloating up on a daily basis due to health reasons so this just adds to the pile. Right now I've been on a V8 V-Fusion Pomegrante Blueberry kick.

...Hoping to get the rest of my thank you's done this weekend before more pile on. :)

...Won't be long before one of my bestie's has her baby in a few weeks. I passed a message along to baby Otto that I will be in town next Wednesday if he or she wants to come out then. :) So excited!! 

...Mike is on the baked potato and mexican food bandwagon. lol At the Fishers on Saturday night they had baked potatoes so Mike tried one, he loved it with ranch dressing. Tuesday night I was a lazy cook and made a Mexican meal. It was one of those cheap just throw together and pop in the oven kind with meat included. One of those things you wonder why you bought it just because it was on sale and planned to toss it straight to the trash. :) I didn't care for it and Mike ate the whole thing! lol After he was done, I said you do realize you ate rice and loved it, right? He didn't even pay any attention to rice even being in it. Uh it was the main thing in the dish besides the small amount they call hamburger. LOL

...Finally met with Fr. Ben Nwosu last night. He's such a funny guy. I was trying to figure out why he was asking me if we had keys before the marriage, I was about to say yes with unsure as to why he was asking that or what he meant. Luckily Mike spoke up and said no we don't have any kids. Keys, kids, oh boy! Other than that misunderstanding I could understand with everything else he was saying with his Nigerian talk. He got quite a laugh and said he has never seen two people choose the same answer and the wrong one at that with a certain question. We both choose no conflicts. He said boy if you will never have conflicts then you two are ready for the heaven-perfect world then we will be praying to Saint April amd Saint Michael. lol Needless to say we all got a good laugh out of that. Surprisingly on our couple test we got an overall 98%. Fr. ended the meeting with giving us a beer. He said to go ahead and enjoy, I have already blessed it for you. lol 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's sure hard to see my grandma get worse and worse. She's always been the strong one in our family so now it's our turn to be strong for her. I just pray she starts feeling better and will be able to attend my wedding and our annual birthday celebration which are both a little over a month away. God sure has blessed us many years with my Feeler grandparents and I can only pray he continues to bless our family even more with getting my grandma through this difficult time.

Picture taken last night. Went to visit her on my lunch and she looks so much better after they drained a liter of fluid off her lungs and heart again. No wonder she couldn't breath very good. 


Picture off of Pinterest.

My shower cake made by Erin Howard. Pretty darn close, she does AMAZING work!

Weekend Wrap Up

Went to the Eagles to eat with a few girls. Had a nice evening catching up with everyone. 

Tried to sleep in until the future MIL called to say she was on her way to drop off a few gifts. lol Probably a good thing since I needed to get my butt in gear with getting things done around the house. Got all my thank yous caught up (not now after Sunday's shower:) ). That evening we walked over to the Fishers for a BBQ. Surprisingly it was a nice evening to sit out on the patio and actually enjoy it.

Got out of working the picnic, yay! Headed to pick up my own bridal shower cake since mom said so! Ha! Erin did an amazing job, can't wait to see how the wedding cake turns out now. Pictures to come. Mom, Shelley and Susan did an awesome job with the shower. Mom and dad bought me a Kitchenaid mixer (way too nice of them)! When I first read the card, it took me by surprise saying "In loving memory of grandma Dodie". My grandma was always known for buying gifts way ahead of time and even wrapped as well. Luckily for the sake of holding back tears it wasn't a gift saved back but a mixer in her memory. Got some really neat "love" blocks with our engagement pictures. Will have to post pictures of that as well, later this week.

Came home and had a visit from Kristina and Michelle. They had went to the picnic and decided to drop by before heading back. Ended up staying over two hours. lol I was glad they did so I didn't have to go up to the picnic early since it was HOT out. After they left I met Mike at the picnic where we played Bingo until 9pm. Won twice and lost too many times to count. :) Grabbed some hamburgers then walked back home.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...I smashed my toe several months ago and its just now growing out the part that's smash. Very gross! I will be glad when I have a normal toenail again instead of this deformed alien-like one.

...I think Mike's favorite wedding gift thus far has been a recipe from his grandma Luebbert. I didn't even know there was a special spaghetti recipe in the family. lol A little surprising Mike loves it so much since there is NO meat involved with this recipe. 

...Tonight is KADEN night. Picking him up to bring to my mom and dads for them to watch. He's only came to my mom and dads a few times to stay, so this time he gets his own time without little brother hogging all the attention. 

...I am getting tired of road construction. Been over a month since they first started repairs and repaving 63. At first it wasn't bad since I would cut through A and E, but now that isn't an option since Hwy A is closed for a new bridge. Which it won't be long and they will start paving 52 as well. I don't think I going to a break for awhile. lol

...I need to start getting into the habit of writing down my checks and debit transactions. Twice within a month I thought I had more money when checks I thought went through a month ago went through now. lol You would think I would learn my lesson...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The past week Mike must think we need to feed an army in our house. Thursday I forgot to lay meat out before I left for work so he laid out two packages of round steak. We purposely got smaller packages this time because there is just too much in one for the two of us. He apparently forgot and thought there wouldn't be enough. lol So we ate left over round steak a lot over the weekend. :)

On Friday Mike stopped in a local gas station which is also a mini grocery store, C&D. Comes in handy for last minute items and it being just a few minutes away. Well he passed chicken and thought that sounded good. TWO CHICKENS to be exact. lol I went ahead and baked all of it. Should have gotten another pan to put them in as you can see they look like sardines packed in. But they were very good and yet another food item we ate on all weekend. 

Despite the ridiculous heat waves, one good thing about summer is the endless supply of fresh vegetables. I LOVE zucchini although I think I may be about tired of it for awhile. Had to post the picture since I had a blonde moment. As you can see there is also carrots in the picture with butter and brown sugar. I knew they were carrots and I knew what I was putting on them. Guess I had sweet potato fries on my mind (Horny Toad's is the best!). The carrots weren't too half bad like that. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm back!

I should have made it a longer break but I was feeling a little deprived... I'll just sum up the weekend and last week all on this post.

...Mike and I had our Pre-Cana class on Saturday. Luckily we knew about 3 other couples there so that made it a little easier. 4 couples talked and one doctor. The first couple set the bar very high and seemed like we would get a lot out of the class and made you think about fiances, etc. Well after the first couple it went downhill very quickly to boredom. So glad it's over and we never have to do that again! :)

...Mike's family had a wedding shower for us. Mom and my cousin, Ashlyne went with me to the shower while my dad and cousin Zach went with Mike to see the farm, turkeys and to go fishing at Jr's lake. Got lots of goodies at the shower and had a nice afternoon visiting with everyone. Come to find out Mike's cousin is due on his birthday. We don't get to see that side of the family very much so we probably won't see the new baby until Randy and Elizabeth's shower or wedding next year.

...Speaking of weddings....... we have ANOTHER for next year. I think I am just going to quit counting and buy a calendar. Starting to get harder to keep track of all the dates in my head.

...I found a quote on Pinterest late last week and thought wow, this pretty well sums up me. 
"Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them."

...Still haven't met with our priest! Yikes! We met with our Deacon once, but we decided to not have him do the wedding ceremony. Starting to regret that decision. We found out on Saturday that Fr. met with another couple three times already and their wedding isn't until November! Hopefully he calls this week because we're getting down to the wire. Or maybe we can get out of it. :) Ha, I doubt we get that lucky!
...This weekend I am meeting up with my Vienna girls. Ready to do some catching up! Even though it's only been a week since I saw them last. :)

...This weekend is also our Vichy shower with the 'Vichy bunch' and my extended Elrod family. I don't know why but I am more nervous for this shower than any other. lol Maybe it's because the hall is so big or that's what I am blaming it on anyway.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I just now remembered I never posted a picture of the hallway after I repainted it. Took me forever to trim it out with all the doors in such a small space. I taped it all out that morning then went through with trim paint so that would have been the paint to bleed vs. the wall color. Because lets face it, the paint is more than likely going to bleed no matter how good of tape you use. Some areas I must have got the trim paint on a little too thick because when I took the tape off it caused the paint to peel off the wall! After a little touching up you can't even tell. The color is still growing on me, I think I would like it more if I went with a satin paint instead of the semi-gloss. At least Mike loves it which surprised me! For me, I'm just going to have to get used to it because I am NOT painting it again!


So glad to see the weather is letting up next week and for a possible chance of rain. We so need this bad! Not to mention the temperature out of the 100s. 90's isn't much better, but you can sure tell a difference!

Thursday Ramblings

...Yesterday we spent the fourth going to my great aunt Jessie's for an annual fourth of July dinner/reunion. A distant cousin brought pickled fish, dad and Todd tried some and by the looks on their faces I wasn't even going to attempt to try it. Gross! Always a big variety of meat to choose from and way too much food, with everyone there you could barely see a dent made. lol After wards we headed to visit my grandma and grandpa. I hate seeing them go down hill and the fact that my grandma may not be able to go to MY wedding due to not getting around very good and in lots of pain! Saddens me to no end, hopefully she will be able to regain her strength and be back to normal, at least some what. Came home and grill steaks on the grill with corn on the cob and zucchini.

...Is it Friday yet? I am lost on my days after having yesterday off. It look a lot of convincing this morning to make myself realize it was not Saturday and I could sleep in a little longer. Today was the first time I almost fell asleep at the wheel more than once. A little scarey and now I'm supporting a big cappuccino to wake my butt up!

...This weekend is my bachelorette party. Looking forward to seeing everyone and I hope we can fit everyone in the van. Right now we're at 16 girls in a 15 passenger van. lol 

...Invitations are going out by the end of this week if the stamps are in. I handed Mike's family theirs over the weekend and they loved the fact that they can display one side in a frame after the wedding. Not that everyone would want a framed picture of us in their home but it works out perfectly for extended family, etc. :)  

...Two more months! I am very excited, and yet extremely panicked since there is still a lot of little things to get done. Ready to be laying on the beach for a week and of course marrying my best friend!

...My co-worker finally had her baby girl, Jada Xyrisse. No clue how to pronounce the middle name. Ranae, the mom was extremely happy to meet her baby girl and to not be puking anymore! Poor girl has been sick almost every day her whole pregnancy due to gallbladder messing up during pregnancy. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Review

Been a long time since I've done a product post. A few months ago I finally broke down and bought a pair of these. I've tried them on numerous times in the store, but just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for flip flops. Finally one day I broke down and bought a pair!

I may be about the last person on earth to discover these, but they are truly the best $20 I've ever spent on a pair of flip flops! As of now, I own two! :)

68 Days....

Crazy to think that in 68 days I will be saying I do at this pretty church in Saint Elizabeth!

Weekend Wrap Up

After work I stopped in at mom and dads to pick up a few invitations for Mike's family and stayed until the Allen boys arrived. They were spending the night with their Dwayne and Nonnie. 

Did some cleaning around the house then got ready 80s style! I think my hair was made for the 80s, it was so easy to do. Much easier than how I have to fix it now. lol Pretty well just blow dried my hair upside down and it's was 80s big hair. I accidentally cut my shirt too short so I reattached some of it with safety pins. Not sure it that was 80s or not, I do remember seeing a fad like that at some point and time so it worked for me to consider it 80s. Mike and I headed to Lebanon where a bunch was camping in a cabin for Kristina's 30th birthday. So glad I wasn't able to float and stay the weekend as the house was packed full and a few I wouldn't want to be around especially for a full weekend. The guys played Jenga with a life sized one made with 2x4's while us girls just visited. 
Birthday girl with her cake. It's a little messed up to the right due to a hot long drive there. Poor Otto held it the whole way there.

Us girls dressed in our 80s wear, minus a few. 

Went to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. Came home to water my flowers then enjoyed the AC until it was time to head out to Joe and Dianne's. We celebrated Mike's grandma Luebbert's 85th birthday (which is today) and his mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary (Sunday). Sunday also marked the death of his grandpa Luebbert. So this time of the year is always joyous, yet sad occasion for the family. After we ate, we enjoyed the outside watching the kids (old and young) play a little basketball. By this time it was still hot but nice enough to actually enjoy it.