Friday, June 29, 2012


I saw this photo on Pinterest and it made me laugh. I'm not a horrid person thinking this should be allowed, there's more to my thinking...

Mom has told me numerous times how I watched an episode of Oprah when I was little girl. Then one day out of the blue at the supper table, I told my family I wanted to be anorexic, said with excitement. You can only imagine the thoughts going through everyone's mind. I didn't even know what anorexia meant nor can I explain what on earth made me think this was cool. Almost like I thought it was like a career. Most little kids would want to be a movie star, firefighter, teacher, etc but not me apparently. I'm sure I didn't notice the bones showing, yellowing of the teeth (from bulimia), tiredness, hair loss, or the risk of death on the show. Kind of makes me curious as to what was actually talked about on the show to make me proud and cool to say I would be that when I grew up! lol Luckily for my parents I love food!!

So when I saw this photo I thought of me, an innocent little girl thinking I was going to grow up to become anorexic! 

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  1. Well that's good you like food! I have been that little girl well not much older than that picture when I started being conceared with weight and the number. Not sure what made it sound cool but I can say this its not cool to go down that road.


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