Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Day

100 Days till the BIG DAY! 
I'll share some more engagement photos to mark the milestone of our last day in the triple digits! I know I said I wouldn't but none of these photos are going in the invitations/programs so what the heck, here ya go! :)  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I've been putting off re-touching up the hallway because I wanted to make it pop but not in a loud way. I think I came up with a solution. I'll post pictures when I get around to getting the paint, etc. Don't hold your breath! :)

...Guest book is done and should be here within the next week or so. Hope it turns out good. I found a 40% coupon online so I went ahead and ordered it since I usually just see 20% off coupons for the site.

...This Sunday is a big day for my family, we're celebrating my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary! Big milestone in their life that I am very grateful they get to live to see!

...Started the process of working with a local company for our invitations. I was shocked at the quick response and we should already be expecting to see samples today! Talk about good customer service!

...Wedding progress is in full swing! :)

...I am enjoying ending the evenings this week by watching the Hatfields & McCoys. Good western! What can I say, I am my father's daughter! 

...I think today is a Monday! I've had a few close calls with almost being hit head on, but never as bad as I did this morning. I'm shocked our mirrors didn't at least hit. And yet, whoever was driving the car, I don't think they even knew. They never swerved back to their lane after they past me. Still a little shaky!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Stayed in. 

Got all my cleaning done that morning then headed out with Mike on Jr's gator. We made a huge circle on the county roads and met Alphonse on his tractor. Can never get away from him without at least an hour conversation. lol I drove most of it, so my feet were a little sore from using my tip toes the whole time on the pedals. Not made for short people. lol Came home and took a much needed shower to get all the dust off. Made cheesy potatoes for supper. Randy BBQed so we had a few people over. Town was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night. 

Skipped church so I could finished making a few dishes. Headed to Vichy for the Annual Pig Roast. Turned out to be a nice day for it and there was a nice breeze in the shade. 

Laci Rose Libbert
Went to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. Came home and spray painted wedding decor with what cans I had. Once Mike and Randy got back from moving Randy's cows we all headed over to Trevor and Emilys to see baby Laci. Had a nice visit and enjoyed hogging little Miss Sleepy Head. :) She looks so much like her big brother and even has a lot of his facial expressions. Came back home to clean Mike's garage out with all the dust from using the spray paint. Finished up table decor with what I painted and packed it away until the big day. Well if money didn't get in the way, I think I would have made my deadline of getting it all done yesterday. I still feel pretty good with what I have done so far. Ended the evening watching the Hatfields and McCoys. It was really good and I'm anxious to see the next episode. I grew up watching good westerns so this was right up my alley!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I am solo this week in my department. So far it's going well, not sure why this girl is getting overtime daily when I get all her work done in 20 minutes. No joke. Very annoying. I'm sure by Friday I may be pulling my hair out with deadlines especially with the holiday approaching. :)

...Surprisingly today isn't too crazy so I've been working on our guest book. Took me awhile to figure out Shutterfly, it's very hard to navigate.

...Can't believe it's already that time of the year for the Annual Pig Roast. We may opt out of going Saturday since we would have to drive home Saturday night then turn right around and drive right back Sunday around noon. Still deciding on a dish to take, probably go with my usual Dorito Salad.

...Weddings for next year are set: April 20th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Wilde), May 4th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Holtmeyer), June 15th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Boessen), and June 22nd (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Holtmeyer)!! - I was missing a wedding from last week in my counting. So now we're at 4 weddings and counting for 2013... :)

...Looking forward to a much needed three day weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Quiet evening at home.

Mike and I headed to Casey and Jeremie Bruce's wedding. It was a beautiful day for it! 

The gang, minus Kindra.
Went to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. Came home to wash the sheets, did some spray painting for the wedding, cleaned both garages out while everyone else went to fish. Got a text from Lisa with her big catch of the day! Went back to Mike's mom and dads while the boys tried to work on Steven's car he drives back and forth to work. Jake kept us girls entertained. Ended the evening working on more wedding decorations. My set deadline for the end of May may happen, that is if I work my tail off this weekend! :) At least I have one table at the wedding DONE!

Lisa with her 21 lb. grass carp she caught at Jr's lake. Kylie and her cousin, Cami are pictured with her.
Jake ready to go fishing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...Looking forward to Casey and Jeremy's wedding this weekend and to see everyone!

...Mike's brother, Randy and his girlfriend, Elizabeth are engaged. This makes wedding #3 for next year and counting... Wonder who will get engaged next? We have a few contenders in line. lol

...Kylie is already feeling like my niece come September, now she will be officially when Randy and Elizabeth are married. Yay, I finally get to say I'm an AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

...Friends of ours finally got to meet their baby on Monday. Trevor and Emily Libbert welcomed a precious baby girl, Laci Rose. She sure looks like her big brother, Hunter.

...For my yard, I am looking forward to next Spring. Plan to buy a tree to put in our back yard. This year all my money is going towards wedding so there is no room for extra spending. Thinking maybe a Bradford Pear tree...

...Our engagement photos are finished! I LOVE THEM!! I debated on whether to share my password with you all on here, but unfortunately I decided not to. Sorry! Didn't want to share them all since we'll be using them for our programs and invitations. There should be a few teasers posted on FB tonight from Christina at CR Portraits. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I ended up working a little late since I was off that morning for pictures. Finally, our engagement pictures are done and the weather was perfect for it! Went to Lowes to pick up a few things along with Mother's Day gifts for my mom and Laverne. Went ahead and dropped moms off at her house then headed with her to visit my grandma and grandpa. Our short visit ended up being a very long, but a good one. My cousins son, Gunner ended up having a birthday party there. Dropped mom off and I headed towards home. Mike along with his brothers and uncle were eating at Kitty's as a treat from their neighbor, Roger as a thank you for hauling hay. So I stopped in to visit before heading home.

Mom came over so we could tackle wedding decorations. The paint ended up being too light than what it was suppose to be so we didn't get a thing accomplished wedding wise. Really need to quit procrastinating on this! My dad and brothers went to get fitted for their tuxes so after wards they came to the mouth of the tavern (which is about 5 miles from me) to fish. Got done early so they headed to check out Mike's farm. Little did they know, they got put to work! Chad and Todd went with Mike to cover some hay while dad stayed back and rode the tractor with Steve and also with Mike's dad. Not sure who to feel sorry for, Steve being stuck with my dad or my dad being stuck with Steve. lol That evening my side of the family had our Mother's Day dinner at the house. It was a nice evening to sit outside and visit. Randy and Elizabeth came over as well.

Went to church with Mike and Jr. Last Monday we finally met with the Deacon, Steve. He told me I could come up for communion I just had to place my hands across my chest in a cross position and I would be blessed v. taking communion. I knew I didn't have to, but I kept feeling the nudge to do so. Plus I think my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I clearly over analyze everything which leads to me getting in a little nervous! I just hate the feeling like I may be disrespecting the Catholic church even though I'm more than positive I'm not. It was rather obvious for everyone when I was in line. I was in Steve's line and he didn't look up until the last minute right as he was starting to give me the bread or the correct term, communion wafer. I may be wrong one that term, I had to google it. lol Went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner after church. After we ate Mike and took the four wheeler out for a drive to check the other farm where his dad was spraying the field for weeds. Later that evening we headed to Mike's aunt and uncles for dinner. Ended the evening watching the last and final episode of Desperate Housewives.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Keep this precious, beautiful cousin of mine in your thoughts and prayers! Ashlyne's been going through a lot this week dealing with the death of her boyfriend who was killed in a car accident on Tuesday evening. Very hard to see her deal with this tragedy at such a young age.

Baby Parker

Meet the newest addition to my family, Parker Bradley Richards. Born May 3, 8 lbs and 2 oz. Poor baby and momma had a very long and rough delivery. I was so disappointed I didn't get to see him last Friday when I went to the hospital. He was in an isolated room on oxygen. Thankfully both mom and baby are doing great. Here's a few pictures of our visit with the little guy last night. He's a keeper! :) He makes the 2nd great-great grandchild for my grandma and grandpa Feeler.
Mom and dad with baby, Parker. Don't they look like a proud great-great Aunt and Uncle? :)

Ashylne with Parker.
Isn't he the sweetest?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sneak Peak

Too bad I wasn't smiling more in this picture. :/

Weekend Wrap Up

I can't remember what I did. I think we just stayed home. lol

Mom and Shelley met me at the house and we headed to the Lake for shopping. I took a differnt way to the Lake this time and I was missing out. Much much better drive going through Ulman and ended up at 42 Hwy in Brumley than the Tuscumbia way. My cousin Tyler had his challenger in the car show so we attempted to make it over there. It was bumper to bumper so we turned around. At least he posted a picture so we didn't entirely miss it! :) Love love his car! 

I was so disappointed in Evergreens. I did buy a lantern on sale since it had one piece of glass missing and come to find out the same lantern was at Marshall's for the same price and it had all the glass panes in it. Go figure! Ate lunch at Vista Grande Mexican Restaurant. I always loved their food and well this was the one time it was just okay. So much for bragging about it to Shelley. lol This car was in the parking lot. You may not be able to see it from the picture but the rims had $100 bills on it. It was an interesting car to say the least. 

Spent way too much at Maurices, but it was well worth it. Got a few tops for work, a skirt and dressy capris.

Went to church with Mike and Jr. After church Randy, Elizabeth and Kylie rode with us to St. Anthony's dinner. It was good as always and we stayed after the dinner so Kylie could play and get her face painted with Madeline. Later on Mike and I headed to the farm to check on his dads progress with planting corn. It was a nice day out but entirely too hot. I'm not ready for it to be this hot yet! lol  Mike was going to have to rake hay so I went ahead and headed back home. Cleaned the house and had pizza for supper.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

Work has been hectic so I didn't have time to do a Weekend Wrap Up this week, so I'll just sum it up on this post. 

...Have I ever mentioned how much I hate graduation tabloids? Trying to wrap up three in my spare time (ha!) for Newburg, Rolla and St. James along with 4 other special publications. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! By the end of this month I should be a lot slower which I will love! More time to focus and browse for the wedding! :)

...Engagement photos didn't happen. I was so disappointed. I literally waited till the last minute to call it off. I got my wish with the rain holding off, but the wind just kept getting worse with a storm moving in. So we're set for next Friday. Mother Nature better play nice this time! We haven't received our other pictures yet. I am getting very antsy to see them. Hoping they turn out as good as I think they will.

...Somehow there was a miscommunication when we went to pick up our wedding bands on Friday. Mine wasn't ordered and Mike's was on back order (were told they had them in lol). Good thing we don't need them until September!

...My passport was sent off. I didn't realize they were going to be that expensive. Mike didn't know his dads middle name, mom's middle name or their birth dates for sure OR his social security number. lol So.... he didn't get his done and sent off. Hopefully that will get done this Friday!

...We had the best time last Friday evening at Kitty's. Ate dinner and stayed late for Mike's cousin, Matt and brother, Steven's 24th birthday. They may be double cousins, but Matt and Steven are two peas in a pod and more like brothers. Ornery to say the least and were born just a day a part. We had the whole Holtmeyer crew; Mike and I, Lisa, Joeseph, Matt, Whitney, Steven, Ashley, Randy, and Elizabeth. Been a while since I laughed that hard for such a long period of time. So much that I had permanent wrinkles around my mouth for the rest of the evening. :)

...Saturday I woke up puking like crazy. I was so sick and no it wasn't from being at a bar the night before. Come to find out Elizabeth said the last time she ordered fried shrimp from there she did the same thing and Mike and Randy's friend, Lonnie did as well. Lesson learned: no fried shrimp at Kittys! Never. Ever. Again. That was the second time I've ever had food poisoning and I don't ever want it again!! First time was from Lee's Chicken a couple years ago and I've not ate there since.

...Sunday was Matt's birthday. He celebrated his birthday by popping the question to his girlfriend, Whitney B.! She fits in so well with the family and is a perfect match for Matthew. This makes wedding #2 next year for us to attend and counting... lol

...As soon as I get caught up on some bills and wedding stuff, I think I am going to purchase a fire proof safe or whatever they are called. Will be so nice to know our engagement photos, passports, birth certificates, and wedding bands will be kept safe and sound, especially till the wedding.

...We still haven't met with the priest. We remind the Deacon who may be the one we take our classes with and he tells us every time that he hasn't forgot and will meet with us six months prior to the wedding. Well there is FOUR MONTHS LEFT!!  lol

...I still need to find time to work on my wedding decorations this month so I can make my deadline. I think I have used about every excuse in the book to talk myself out of doing it. No more excuses, we're down to the wire especially since every weekend this summer there is something going on except maybe just maybe one weekend. lol There is even a few weekends where we already have plans that Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Have a feeling this summer is going to fly!

...We were almost the proud owners of 10 cows over the weekend, but Mike just couldn't bit the bullet. Plus they seemed to have went a little high so it's good we didn't this time. I for see a cattle purchase within the next month or so. lol Mike's been feeling a little cow deprived since they just sold 32 which was all they had left between his brothers and dad.

...Speaking of meat, we have four cows(I say we, but they are Randy's cows that we are going in on half for the meat) getting beefed up at Mike's grandmas to take to the butcher shop in June. Will be so nice to have our own meat again. Gets too costly in the stores plus I don't trust their meat. Even though I buy it because I have to, I just try not to think about it those times. lol 

...My grandma hasn't been doing the greatest. Constantly falling with her knees giving out on her which a little over a week ago caused her to fracture a vertebrae in her back. Bless her heart, her feet were swollen from her falls and black and blue. She's a very strong woman and I hope she can bounce right back like she always does. Plus other issues with her heart(congestive heart failure), diabetes, etc. Trying my best to stay positive, besides I'm no where near ready to celebrate my birthday solo. :( I think everyone needs to vent at least once a day, so that was my vent! :) 

...This weekend is a shopping day at the Lake with mom and Shelley. Ready for some retail therapy!