Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...I switch my ramblings on Thursdays now so I can do a wordless Wednesday. I wasn't too fond of my Tongue-tied Thursday title so that's why I haven't been doing one.

...After having last Thursday off and now today, I could get used to this! Makes me miss working in St. Robert because they allowed me to get paid 40 hours a week and have Thursdays off since I drove from Rolla. Oh those were the days! :) 

...Our electric bill was high last month and wasn't that high last year until August. Sigh. I can guarantee it's only going to get worse since we're reaching the 100s this week. Have I ever mentioned I love the cold weather? Bring on Fall!

...This weekend I get to see Vienna girls again! Friday Mike and I plan to go to the local ball field since two friends will be playing St E there. Saturday is the 80s! Dressing in 80s attire and heading to a camp site to meet up with Kristina and a bunch of others celebrating her 30th birthday! I wish I could have went on the float trip, but with wedding near I couldn't take a full weekend away, especially since my whole month of July is booked solid!

...Part of my church gift was a knife set. I'm starting to wonder how on earth I managed without good knives. I cut an onion Monday night and didn't have to saw it at all! The knives I've been using were a cheap Walmart brand that I bought when I was 17 or 18 when I moved to my parents basement. 

...Our lovely neighbors, the Reinkemeyers gave us 6 cucumbers from their garden! I think their garden is big enough to supply everyone in town. Couldn't have gave it to us at a better time since I'm making a pasta dish this weekend. It's a simple recipe from my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Elizabeth. Cucumbers, pasta noodles (preferably the mixed color spiral noodles to add color), broccoli, carrots, packaged ranch dressing(dry) and a little regular ranch dressing! YUM-O!

...Found something a few weeks ago at Family Center for my programs and I can reuse it later to plant flowers in, etc. As I was browsing Pinterest this week I saw the same idea on there! Ahh! lol 

...My ring is finally in! If I have time today I'll run to Jeff to get it otherwise it will be Saturday morning! 

...Our songs and readings are officially picked out!


  1. I was just bragging to Mom how low our electric bill was! One big plus to having a basement house!

  2. Big plus Sarah! I know when I lived with my parents in the basement I would freeze all Summer and the upstairs was average temperature.


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