Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cash's 1st Christmas! ...Take 2

Cash wasn't feeling well on Christmas.  Poor baby!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cash's 1st Christmas! ...Take 1

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas as we sure have this year!

Ready to head to grandma and grandpa Elrod's house on Christmas Eve!

"YEA, I got a sports car!"

Cash checking himself out in the mirror. 

Jabbering to Daddy!

Santa came!

He loved LOVED his horse. 

Can you tell? 

"Wow Mom and Dad! It even talks to me and wags it's tail!"

7 a.m. was a little rough to wake up after eating. 

He got so excited when opening presents. 

"Look what I got daddy!"

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cash - Daycare

Day three and Cash is still doing great at daycare. Susie said he loves watching the kids play. Just smiles at them and babbles non stop. He's going to be a little jabber box. There is a little girl, Daisy who tells me everything as soon as I walk in the door... "Baby Cash used all three of his bottles, baby Cash peed a lot but didn't poop, burped a lot too and one time he even farted when he burped. It was soooo funny!" lol They all love "baby Cash" as they call him and watch for him in the mornings. Already making lots of buddies.

Tuesday evening he was so excited when we got him. I gave him a bath and the whole time he cooed and babbled. Like he was telling me all about his big day at daycare.

We switched formulas yet again last Friday. Cash is so much happier and only cries when he's hungry. Thank goodness! Now if we can just get him to go #2 more often then a 4-5 day span. Hopefully this is the formula we will be able to stick with.

Little guy has officially outgrown his newborn clothes, but still too little for the 3 months size. Poor guy was 25% with his weight and 90% with his head. lol

Cash has also been sleeping almost through the night. Usually goes to bed around 8:30-9 then wakes up around 4:30-5 to eat and falls back asleep until I wake him up around 6:30. So I can't complain. Knock on wood this sleeping trend continues.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First day

Daddy took our picture before we left for daycare/work.  Notice the wording on his shirt... thought it seemed fitting for today! :) 

Ready to head to "Aunt Susie's"

Shed a few tears before work this morning, but the day got better. Mike was off work for a funeral today so it helped having him go with me. Called to check on him and he was doing 100. So thankful to have Susie in our lives and God sure answers prayers... she called just in time to let us know she finally had an opening available over the summer. Definitely helped my day knowing he was in good hands and being loved already!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Maternity leave

I called my work today and told them I would be back on the 17th. So thankful I am able to spend yet another week with Cash. Thought long and hard about it all this week. Mike didn't care what my decision was and all our bills were paid for this month, so the decision was easy!

Cash has been sleeping all day... he was too wore out from all the excitement to have mommy all to himself another week!! :)

His shirt I bought over the summer at a rummage sale for a nickel with the price tag still on it and a co-worker had the blanket, never got to use it for her kids and price tag was still on it as well. We love our rummage/thrift store/free finds! :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We meet again

Yesterday was my follow up appointment with Dr. Su.  They were all excited to see Cash. The nurse, Trudy said she was hoping I would be bringing him in that she was dying to meet him. As soon as Dr. Su walked in, she bent down to talk to Cash in his car seat. He immediately got the biggest grin on his face and was trying to talk to her, like "Hey I remember you. You were the first person I saw when coming into this world." :) It was cute and it made Dr. Su's day. Unfortunately this is the picture we got. lol Poor guy was very gasy yesterday and his poor tummy hurt. We switched formulas to a sensitive one to help, but so far no luck. May have to switch formulas again.

Photo Tuesday

Cash loves to hollar now when he talks to us.  He thinks it's fun to get louder each time. 

Still loves his swing. 

This is the look I get when I grab the camera to capture him full of smiles. He stops smiling! Little stinker!

I never get why babies find ceiling fans so fascinating, even when they are not on. Won't be long and I won't be able to lay him on the table like this when I'm fixing supper. 

This picture cracks me up.  He was froze in this position with his face when Mike put him in wrong in the carseat. lol 

Going for a ride in the laundry basket. Multitasking! :) 

Great uncle Jr. finally holding Cash. Every time he sees him he has been too dirty from the turkey house and said he better not until he was clean. These two are going to be great buds! 

The grandkids: Jake, Cash and Kylie. They love cousin Cash! Cash was too busy starring at Uncle Steve.

Last night we were watching the Country Music Christmas show. Looked over and found these two asleep and in the same position. Like father, like son!