Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cash - January '14

My fav picture of little Cash. Showing off his new boots and hat from cousin Kayla and her family. 

Stuck in Mickey Mouse. This boy sure loves TV!

Really mom?  Picture time again?

Chillin' in the bath tub.  He loves his baths.  We did go a couple of weeks where he pouted while taking a bath.  Had his lip out the entire time.  Now he's back to loving them. 

Taking a picture for Aunt Lisa, for her birthday. 

OK, enough with the camera already!

I always think Cash looks like his Daddy... but this picture he sure resembles his Uncle Toddy. 

Talking to Daddy

Watching Daddy scratch off a lottery ticket

Put his Thanksgiving sleeper on, two months past and I am just now getting around to getting a picture of him in it. Oops! :) 

He loves to look at himself in the mirror. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thank you

Finally got around to getting Dr. Su's thank you card made. Hope she likes it! 

Cash Michael - 3 Months

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cash - Start of 2014

I've been slacking on picture taking of Mr. Cash. Here's the few I've taken since the New Year!

Modeling his bib from a distant cousin on my mom's side and supporting crazy hair! 

Getting all snuggly warm for his first big New Year's Eve Bash! Which he slept through the whole thing!! Guess ringing in the new year was too much for the little guy. 

Chillin' in the bumbo

Already stuck in the TV with the guys... was even a war movie.  Cash couldn't take his eyes off the TV watching Saving Private Ryan. 

Life was so rough on his first big snow day!

Being silly

Talking to mommy

Happy boy

Wore out from spending the day with great aunt and uncle Frey while mommy and daddy was at work and daycare was canceled due to no power.