Friday, May 28, 2010


Finally got around to posting a picture of my hair after getting a Brazilian Blowout. It's been two weeks since I got it done and still love it. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to fix my hair in the morning after taking a shower verses 30-40 minutes it used to take me. I do use the straight iron some times, but it's just to fix the ends of my hair. There is no CURLS, no WAVES and most of all still no FRIZZ!!! Money well spent!


Here is a couple of photos that I took last night of the sunset. I played around with them today in Photoshop. Even though my job is graphic design and that's what I went to school for, we never got into the whole aspect of editing photos. I wish I had the newest version of photoshop, then I could do so much more with a photo. Also would help if my camera took better pictures.


After. Lighten up the photo some using curves and used an oil pastel action along with softening the edges. Which it took away the depth from the clouds, need to find a way it won't touch some of the photo when editing.

Lightened this picture up a little in photoshop.

After. Just playing around with photoshop by using an aged affect to it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Turquoise, the new color for this summer! Do you love it or hate it?

I love it and I'm actually wearing it today. I came to work today and five of my co-workers were all wearing a turquoise shirt. You would think we sent out a memo? It was just a coincidence.

Is it bad I know when and why I purchased this shirt!? I bought it three years ago for a friend's wedding. It's the only thing I have close to turquoise, it's probably a mix between turquoise and teal. I may be looking into a future purchase of another turquoise shirt. Not because it's the "trend", I just like the color on clothing and love it on purses, but not so much a fan of it on some of the jewelry.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Body Wash

I really like my new body wash. It's cheap. Smells good and the smell stays on your skin hours after use. Usually I'm a body wash hopper and try whatever looks good at time of purchase, but this time I think I found a keeper for awhile.

Tone Body Wash, daily detox of White Clay and Pink Jasmine.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Center

I just love Family Center here in Rolla. They have the neatest house decor and carry Carhartt, Farmall, John Deere, etc. line of baby clothes. I bought this Carhartt outfit for little Hunter Libbert. I don't think his momma reads my blog nor knows it even exists. So I think I'm safe to post this!
If you're reading my blog Emily, here is Hunter's gift!

Weekend Recap/Week Ahead Look

Friday Mike and I met his friend Jason, his wife Megan and the rest of his family at Kitty's. I got to hold Jason's new niece Isabella who is 2 months old while they finished eating. She sure has the chubby cheeks for weighing 5 lbs. when she was born. To the right is a picture of Isabella from her baptism over the weekend. We had a great time visiting with his family and called it an early night after they played a few games of pool.

Saturday Mike, his brother Steven and I took the 4-wheeler to look at their creek bottom and to check on a new baby calf. They haven't had the greatest luck this year with their calves. I think they've lost three this year. Afterwards I headed home to do some major cleaning and finish my laundry up. That evening Mike and I headed to Rolla to pick up Pizza and came home to watch the All Star Race. It was nice to not have anything planned for once on a Saturday night.

Sunday I attended a bridal shower for Lindsay who's wedding I'm in next month. Hard to believe it's only a month away. I still need to get my dress altered. It's about two sizes too big, literally!! I figured she would get tons of stuff so I just bought household stuff that she can always used and never get enough of. Finished the evening off watching the tribute to Brooks & Dunn. It was very good!

This week...
Tonight I'm hoping we can get the pool set up.

This weekend is our annual Vichy Pig Roast at my dad's lake in Vichy. Pictures to come next week!

Hopefully this weekend we will be able to see Mike's friends new baby, Hunter Joseph Libbert.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Operation Repo

Mike and I have been watching this show from time to time. Not really a favorite of ours just interesting to watch not to mention all the commotion you could imagine on repossessing someone's vehicle. Becomes mildly entertaining!

New Fetish!

My fetish has always been buying shirts, but here lately I have found myself constantly dreaming, thinking and purchasing shoes. I'm in love with these at Maurices... may have to purchase them very soon!! I had just bought three heels last month from there which one is for the wedding I'm in next month. Glad the weather is starting to warm up so I can finally wear them to work!

Here is one of the heels I've already purchased. I love them! Usually in heels my foot slides around when walking, but I don't have that problem with wearing these.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Coconut M&M's

A co-worker, Leonie brought in Coconut M&M's to work today and I LOVE them. My mom is a firm coconut hater and well... I'm just the opposite. I can eat coconut right out of the bag. She also brought in Pretzel M&M's which were okay but didn't really taste like pretzels and chocolate.

Weekend Recap

Friday evening Mike and I stayed in since I had a sinus infection. Watched Men Who Stare At Goats with George Clooney. I didn't care for the movie at all and the story line wasn't the greatest in my opinion.

Saturday I went to Trina in Belle to get a Brazilian Blowout done on my hair. I love it and never imagined my hair being so straight after just blow drying it or letting it dry naturally. Haven't used my flat iron since I've got it done! Afterwards I came home and rested for a while until Mike got there. We watched a good hallmark movie, Uncorked.

Sunday I slept in once again, really getting tired of my sinus'. I think my dad is right, the cause is the basement especially since I don't seem to be getting any better even after going to the doctor last Wednesday and getting medicine. At noon I headed to my cousin house for our Feeler family dinner since my uncle Russ was out from Arizona with his daughter Krissi and her son, Kaden. Kaden looks like he belongs to my immediate family, since he has white/blonde hair with the cutest curls all over. We had a good meal with good company. Just wish the rain would of stayed away so we didn't all have to cramp inside the house. Afterwards Mike watched the race and I took another nap for about an hour which seemed to really help. Dad had fixed us ham and beans for supper with fried potatoes. Capped off the evening by watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives and an episode of Army Wives.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday afternoon I went to tan, got a few things at walmart, finished my wedding gift and made mom her Mother's Day present. I had saw this idea on a blog a while back with tea so thought I would try it but with coffee since that is mom's favorite. It's kitchen towels wrapped around coffee.

That evening I got ready so Mike and I could attend the Bachelor & Bachelorette party for the wedding I am in. We had a great time!

Sunday I surprised mom at church. After church we all headed to my aunt Judy's, my Uncle Russ came down from Arizona to surprise grandma. We knew he would be down next weekend so it was a surprise to everyone. Grandma couldn't have asked for a perfect mother's day gift. Judy had fixed pork tenderloin, it was very moist and tender. Tons of side dishes to make the meal perfect along with my favorite, grape salad. Later that afternoon Mike and I headed over to his grandma's house for dinner. We had Barbecued Chicken with all the fixings.

This weekend was full of visiting with family and friends, eating great food and just soaking in every minute. My life is a blessing and I'm reminded by it everyday!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Love it!

I recently came across this idea from a blog I randomly clicked on and LOVE it. I love pictures of random objects to create letters for a last name. This is a good idea as a Mother's Day gift, Child's name of them holding letters to make their name, etc.

Happy Mother's Day