Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I went to his mom and dads to listen to wedding songs. Got all of the songs for Mike's friend to sing picked out, now to figure out the rest for the organist.

Mom met me at the house for a day of shopping. Dropped my ring off to be re-sized for the second time. Started off with a 7, then 6 and now 5 1/2. lol My wedding band was in and just my luck the WRONG band was ordered. So back to square one since they never originally had my band there to begin with. When we first picked it out, it was when a jeweler was there selling which was the one who matched my ring to a perfect band since it didn't originally come with one. Come to find out my ring was made right here in Missouri so it will be sent to the jeweler to have a band made to match it. It's almost like my grandma Dodie (Elrod) was with Mike the day he picked my ring out. We found out the maker of the ring is like a hidden gem in Missouri. This company also makes Eastern Star and Masonic Lodge jewelry/pendants for all of the United States. My grandma was a big part of the local Eastern Star and took her roles there very seriously. My grandpa, uncle, dad and now my brother Todd and cousin Dustin are all Masonic Lodge members as well. So my ring fits right in with my family history and now means even more to me than it already did.

Got quite a bit of odd and ends knocked off our wedding to-do list including shoes! Just in time since my dress is in. :) Had lunch at Red Lobster. Came home to find mom's new-to-her vehicle in my driveway since the previous owner dropped it off there while we were shopping. She bought a newer Edge than mine from a local girl and I LOVE IT! For some reason, she didn't want to trade vehicles and still keep her new payments. It's exactly what I was going to buy when I bought mine. Little stinker! :) 

That evening Randy and Elizabeth were grilling at their house and had a few over. It was such a nice evening in town for a BBQ and to sit around the fire. 

Drove mom's truck to Vienna for her and went to church. Been awhile since I've been to church there. I plan to convert to Catholic next year, should have done that this year but I didn't even know the classes were going on until it was too late! After church, headed to the ballpark in town to celebrate my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. It was just our immediate family there to eat and followed by extended family and friends at 2 for cake. Some of us grandkids played volleyball. I think I could have taken my cousins little baby, Kaleb home with me. He's so cuddly and just laid on my shoulder for a half hour. Had a nice afternoon of visiting and grateful my grandparents health allowed them to stay as long as they did. Came home and literally played lazy the rest of the evening and even took a nap! I haven't done that in forever. lol 


  1. I didnt know you hang out with Randy? Such trouble!

  2. Yep, Randy is Mike's brother. Unless you're thinking of the other Randy? I think there is two Randy Holtmeyer's and that guy is maybe in his 50s?


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