Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I sat out on our patio while supper was in the oven. His uncle Jr. and Roger stopped by for a visit. Evening was still early so we headed over to the ball field in town to watch Lisa play slow pitch. It was nice to see others we don't see too regularly especially now that bowling season is over until the Fall. 

I painted the hallway and trim. Mike says it has a retro feel to it. It's more of a greenish blue and I was shooting for more of a blueish green, if that makes any sens. He likes it better than the tan, it's still growing on me. While finishing up in the hallway, Mike started painting my garage. Looks 10 times better now that it's all one color! Ahh starting to feel a little bit of accomplishment with our house to-do list, which isn't too long. Had left over paint so we started on Mike's garage on the outside boards. 

That evening we headed to Mike's brother, Steven and Ashley's house for a BBQ. I'm not going to tell our personal barbequer (Mike's other brother, Randy) that his brother may have him beat on pork steaks. lol They were really good along with everything else including my favorite, cooked cabbage. Sat by the fire and played with Jake for a while. Left just in time before the rain set in. 
Headed to my grandma and grandpa's for Father's day dinner. Came home then headed over to Jr's to watch Jake fish. That evening we headed to Mike's mom and dads for another barbeque. Again we watched and played with Jake, for such a short little guy he can hit the ball good. He's going to be a good little ball player and takes it so seriously for his age.

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