Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures of Derrick & Lindsay's Wedding

Lindsay made for a beautiful bride.

Bride & Groom, Lindsay & Derrick

The five us of girls who's been friends since elementary.

Wedding Party

4 Day Weekend Recap

Thursday was the start of my weekend. Woke up early to have coffee with mom then got ready to go tan and get last minute items for the wedding. Came home and relaxed in the pool for a few hours then tackled the basement. I wanted to get everything clean and laundry done so I didn't have to worry about all weekend. Picture to right shows my cleaning went down hill. Knocked over a plant onto the carpet that was just vacuumed. The plant was already dead so I guess this help the process of me finally getting rid of it.

Friday I got up early and headed to Brinktown to help decorate the hall for the wedding. Finished just after lunch so I headed to Rolla to tan before the rehearsal. Derricks family provided fried fish and several side dishes, it was all very delicious.

Saturday was the big wedding for Lindsay & Derrick Otto. Wedding was very beautiful and so were their vows to each other. Had a nice afternoon & evening visiting with friends. Pictures to come in another post.

Sunday Mike and I headed to grandma Feeler's for dinner then came home so I could take a much needed nap. The weekend of little to no sleep worrying over the wedding and my dress had finally caught up with me.

This weekend was blessed with a new beginning of life for Lindsay & Derrick and I am very grateful to be a part of their special day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Recap/Week Ahead

Saturday I stayed home and laid out in the pool for a couple of hours with Mom. That evening Mike and I headed to Rolla to get some grub and a present for his cousin's Bridal Shower.

Sunday we headed to Chad's house for Father's Day. Boy was it a hot one. My cousin Tony had brought a sno cone machine he rented for a previous event so we were able to cool off with sno cones. Todd BBQ pork steaks, hot dogs and bratwursts while everyone else brought side dishes. Despite the heat we had a nice visit. Afterwards Mike and I headed to his parent's house. Mike had to rake hay so his brother, Randy could grill pork chops. Came back home to watched Army Wives and called it a night.

This week...
Tonight I'm picking up my dress for the wedding. Very last minute but hey at least it's done before Saturday. I love the dress just not looking forward to wearing it Saturday with the weather being HOT and HUMID.

Wednesday is my Friday at work. Looking forward to the time off!

Thursday I plan to get all my stuff done around the house, possibly hand wash my car, tan and I'm sure I will squeeze in some pool time.

Friday I hope to wake up early to run to Rolla to tan once again then head to Brinktown to help decorate. Then rehearsal!

Saturday - BIG day! Helton/Otto Wedding!!!

Sunday - REST REST REST and possibly going to a bridal shower in Jeff for Mike's cousin.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Desktop Background

I was looking for a new desktop background for my computer here at work and decided to pick this one at www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com
This website has free blog backgrounds, buttons, etc. So I thought I would share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soap Junkie

I've been a soap junkie since I was a little girl. Mom always watched them from time to time and my grandma Dodie couldn't miss an episode of every soap on during the day which consisted of about 4 or 5 soaps. I'm not that much of a soap junkie but I do DVR the Young & the Restless and The Bold & the Beautiful. Just as soon as I think to myself okay this is retarded, I need to quit watching this ridiculous cycle of dead-alive-dead-alive again followed by the constant day-to-day drama. But I always get suckered right back into it.

What little girl is going to name her Ken barbie doll, Victor Newman? Well that was me! To this day I still have that Ken doll, of course it's in the attic with the rest of my barbie stuff. Which I do have to say it does resemble Victor Newman. Guess that's what happens when you grow up watching it all the time. Not to mention my favorite actor was William Shatner off of Rescue 911. Yes William Shatner! We even have it on video from a little mister and miss pageant I was in at the Ozark Extravaganza as proof.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike's game was canceled due to the weather so we went to his grandma's house where his uncles were frying chicken and potatoes. Yum.

Saturday I woke up early and headed back home to help mom and dad get ready for her class reunion. We're very last minute people at getting things done plus the weather from last week didn't help. Finished mowing the yard then helped dad finish setting out mulch. Got in the pool to clean it out after the storms, what better way to cool off while cleaning! ;) Cleaned my house and got ready to head back to St. E. Mike's coed tournament was canceled again so I met up with him at Ms. Kitty's where we visited with my friend Danielle and her mom who stopped in to eat. Chatted it up with some friends at the local community parking lot then called it a night.

Sunday was a day of rest or well relaxation! Laid in the pool about all afternoon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


After leaving Lowe's last night, was this gorgeous sunset in Rolla.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Recap / Week Ahead

I believe this is my first weekend without Mike since we've been dating. Mike had a guys weekend fishing up at Truman.

Friday I met Malinda at her house and we headed to El Jimador's for a friends birthday. We had a great time/visit even though there was just six of us that showed up. Headed home after we got back and watched HGTV shows with Mom.

Saturday Mom and I headed to Jeff to do some shopping. We hit up several stores, mom found about everything she had on her "want" list, but my list came up empty handed. It never fails, when I am willing to pay pay pay, I can never find a single thing. We ate at Chili's, our food was okay. I've had better there. On the way back home we decided we weren't really wanting to go home just yet so we made a trip into Rolla to Fashion Bug and Wal-Mart. Fashion Bug isn't what it used to be, it used to have nothing but junior clothing, now it's just misses and older lady clothes. Stopped through the drive thru to get a milkshake at Dairy Queen then headed home. Started to do some cleaning, but just wanted to be lazy since we were on the go all day.

Sunday I went to church with mom then headed to St. Elizabeth to meet Mike. Had a nice day riding the four wheeler and watching them haul hay. Ate dinner at his house then headed back to my house. Finished up my laundry and called it a night.

This week
Going to get my dress altered tonight for Lindsay's wedding. I'm a little hesitant about getting it done with the wedding three weekends away but I know my mom's friend, Susan can get it done in no time.

Tomorrow I had scheduled to get an allergy test done. I was excited and anxious to get it done, three sinus infections so far this year is no fun at all. Come to find out my insurance deductible would've been $1,000 so no thank you! I will just deal with it for now or until I can get a better insurance company in the future.

Wednesday - Will probably be working in the yard helping my mom and dad get everything ready for mom's class reunion on Saturday. Maybe get in some pool time.

Thursday - Finally getting the brown put back in my hair and getting it trimmed. After getting the Brazilian Blowout it took away the coloring and made it a little orangy/red. Speaking of Brazilian Blowout, I still love it! I was having problems with the shampoo and it always made my hair feel dirty and grungy after washing it. Tried some new shampoo samples Trina sent home and it worked. I was so happy and told my mom I finally have my hair back to life. Definitely will be buying the other shampoo this Thursday!

Friday - Mike is playing in St. Elizabeth's coed tournament. Sure wish the weather would be cool like it was last year for it, but I know we won't get that lucky.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Still trying to get the hang of it, but here is a few photos I edited at picnik.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Pictures

Waiting on the pig to come my way. Not sure why I have that look on my face?

Fourth attempt and I finally got the pig to hold still long enough for me to shoot it.

Nathan, he's such a happy baby!

Taking the pig out of the cooker.

Xander watching the pig being cut up.

Blake taking a break and watching the guys cut up the pig.

Kids playing on the rope swing.

Zach, Chad and baby Nathan riding horses.

Mike disking the field.

Memorial Weekend Recap

Friday I met Mike in town. Picked up his brother's truck and headed down to his friend's family farm where they were all helping haul hay.

Saturday morning I got up and headed home to meet my brothers in Vichy so I could shoot the pig for our annual Pig Roast. Last year my brother, Todd thought I was too scared/nervous and didn't want to shoot it so at the last minute he took the gun from me and shot it. Well I wasn't about to let that happen this year, although I was very nervous as they like it to be a fast process to get in, kill the pig and leave to go get it ready to cook. Or at least it seems to me like a fast process. Plus there was about five different pairs of feet right next to the pig. So one miss could of been someone's toes. Luckily I did good and got it with one shot between the eyes. Didn't realize how it made me so nervous until afterwards my legs were trembling at the thought of possibly shooting some toes off if I missed or having it ricochet off the concrete. It was quite the adrenaline rush. After watching the nasty process of scalding the pig so they can scrap the hair off and gutting it I headed home and took little Nathan with me. That evening Nathan and I headed back over to the Pig Roast for the fish fry. Mike had came later on after planting beans at his farm. Stayed late and headed back home and watched Nathan over night while his mom and dad camped out at the lake where the Pig Roast was. He slept good through the night. I was awake at every little sound he made, I think it's just the thought of it being someone else's kid and taking extra caution. I think the last time I woke up with a baby over night was when we watched Ashlyne, who is now 13 years old!

Sunday got ready, made my Dorito Salad and we headed to the Pig Roast. It was a nice afternoon and not too hot or humid. It always rains at some point and time when we have our Pig Roast every memorial weekend. Thought it wouldn't rain but sure enough it poured for about five minutes. Luckily it was later in the day and after everyone had ate. Had a nice time visiting with everyone.
Pictures to come in another post.

Monday Mike and I headed to St. E. Took the four wheeler for a ride where we were going to meet up with a group of four wheelers but ended up having to help his dad in the field. Had to disked the field so Frankie (Mike's dad) could plant the beans. We had it made using his uncle Junior's cab tractor. Air conditioning with a radio, now that's what I call farming! I ended up doing about 10 rows. It was actually a lot easier to work the tractor than I thought it would be. Made for a long day and riding on the side for almost five hours left me with a sore bottom today.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!!