Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Mr. Perfect

This picture makes my day and makes me feel very blessed to have my grandpa in my life. I cherish every moment with him, his health hasn't been doing very well this past year, but he seems to be doing much better and this picture is living proof of that.
This is the man I know as Mr. Perfect!

I'm sure I have posted about how "perfect" came into play between grandpa and I but here it is again! Heck if grandpa can tell stories over and over then so can I! Grandpa has always told anyone and everyone that "There is two perfect people in this world besides God, that's me and April". By no means do I think I am perfect, no one is perfect but in grandpa's eyes I am. It's a special bond we have!

A couple of years ago I thought I was going to lose my Mr. Perfect. I will never forget that night! We all said our goodbye's to him as he was being airlifted to Springfield after a heart attack to undergo surgery. The doctor had pretty much said there was really no hope he would survive, he would need a miracle and thats exactly what happened. Miracles do happen, Grandpa proves that and proves there is a God watching out over him.

Now we need our Mrs. Wonderful (Grandma) to have better health as well!

Brazilian Blowout :o)

On May 15th I'm getting a Brazilian Blowout done on my hair. I am so thrilled to finally have my hair straightened and for my hair to still be healthy. It's a little pricy but will be SO worth it this summer on the river and not to mention dealing with the humidity. I always hated getting my hair wet on the river because it would literally look like a big ugly ball of mess. I know I shouldn't care about my hair on the river but I do! It would also be nice to fix my hair this summer to go out and not have to worry about the humidity ruining it by making it very frizzy and wavy. Anyone who has thick curly/wavy hair knows what I am talking about! I'll let you know how much I LOVE it and maybe have before and after pictures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Years later...

A couple of weeks ago I was helping mom get the upstairs clean for her cousin Ron and his wife. I came across this assignment left by a friend. It had to be from a sleep over I had in Elementary or Junior High. I thought it was cute and decided to share it with everyone.

This is what it reads:
The Silly Hearts
Once upon a time there were two silly hearts. They liked to sing and dance and jump around all day long. But then one day the big heart flattened the little heart and so the little heart had to go to the hospital. But after 3 months had gone by little heart was finally okay and so little heart got to go home. And so little heart and big heart were once again happy and were again the silly hearts they were.
The End!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike and I went to see Lindsay & Derricks new house. Here is a picture of the rainbow at the beginning of their driveway.
I didn't take any pictures of their house. It was very beautiful and I LOVE her kitchen! We had a nice visit and ready to go back when everything is completely finished and decorated.

Saturday Blake came over so he could go see Mike's farm and his uncles turkeys. The rain put a damper on things we could do. I'm sure Blake will want to come back so he can ride on the tractor next time. Steven's girlfriend Ashley brought her little boy Jake to play with Blake. They had fun playing with their old tractors, although they look brand new! The rain had stop for a while so we went fishing, wasn't there 5 minutes and Steven already caught a catfish. Then the rain started in once again so we decided to call it a day and head home. Here is a few pictures!

Baby Turkeys

Blake holding a baby Turkey

Big Turkeys

Mike and Blake heading back to the truck.

Blake playing with Mike and his brother's tractors from when they were little boys. They look brand new.

Blake found a new buddy, his Mite! Stuck in TV watching Dirty Jobs.

Sunday we were all wore out and slept in. Of course we had hotdogs for lunch, Blake's favorite. Although he told my dad he likes pork steaks too so we may have to fix that on his next visit. He doesn't forget a thing so he will remember! After Blake left I watched the last of the race with Mike. I actually wanted to watch it, which surprised me! I'm not a Nascar fan nor a sports fan. Only when it comes to Mizzou or Cardinals games I will watch from time to time. That evening Mom fixed her usual Sunday evening dinner which the boys were busy and unable to attend. Their loss! As we had Chicken & Asparagus Lasagna and homemade Cinnamon Rolls. I was really surprised Mike liked the lasagna and even got seconds, he's a picky eater.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

I've said this before, but I REALLY enjoy reading the Pioneer Woman's Blog. She was a city girl who married a country boy from Oklahoma, literally went from black heels to tractor wheels in no time. I've gotten a few recipes from her, read her blog daily which she posts at least 4-5 times a day, and love her witty humor. She became a world known name as PW Ree (The Pioneer Woman)! Mom and I purchased her cookbook around Christmas, it's more of about her life than filled with just recipes. About every other week she posts prizes where you could win a new kitchen aid mixer etc, it astounds me how many people really read her blog... when those prizes are posted comments flow in like crazy, we're talking around 20,000+. So I'm crossing my fingers that some day I will win a mixer or another prize she may have.

She had wrote a book about her life and how she met Marlboro Man, as she calls her husband. It's now being turned into a movie with the hopes of Reese Witherspoon playing her. Can't wait to see the movie when it comes out!

You can check out her blog at

Super Cute Bottles

My cousin, Brooke just received this super cute water bottle from a co-worker for Earth Day. I found a website where they sell them, Made of recycled glass with an air tight ceramic lid. They are hoping Red Door Gifts in Rolla will be able to start carrying them. I love it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Recap & Week Ahead

Friday I went to watch Mike bowl his last game of the season, now it's on to slow pitch! Oh how it never ends! ;) Dad's cousin Mark and his friend Susie had came down from Illinois to clean his mom's grave and to visit. They ended up staying the night.

Saturday I headed home early since Mike had a slow pitch tournament in Meta and Nathan was coming to the house while his mommy was in a wedding that day. Dad and Mark had went to pick up Nathan and found 45 mushrooms so we had fried moral mushrooms for breakfast!! I love SPRING!! That afternoon mom's cousin Ron and his wife Martha from Oregon came down to visit with the family. The last time Ron was down was in 1990 for Molasses, I remember it so well. I sat there by my mommy wondering who in the world is this guy my mom is talking to, I had thought he was her boyfriend! lol Spent the rest of the day/evening visiting with extended family and playing with Nathan, he's such a good baby and so easy to watch. Saturday was Todd's 29th birthday!

Sunday got up early to make my dish for our cousin party/reunion at our house. I made Dorito Salad again, I think it's expected from now on to always have it. Goes over really well, not to mention very easy to make! Grandma was still in the hospital due to multiple blood clots in her lungs she is home now and doing much better, thank you for your thoughts and prayers so she was unable to attend. It was such a shame since she is the last living aunt on her side of the family, and since her nephew Ron was down just for the weekend. We had a nice time visiting with everyone. Mike and I played HORSE, PIG, RAT, EAR (Lizzie's Initials), TOAD... whatever Liz and Zach could come up with in basketball. By that time my allergies were killing me so much, my eyes were very blurry and sneezing a lot. I will be glad when this pollen season is over!

Monday was mom's 53rd birthday. That evening we ate at Randy's Roadkill and BBQ for both mom and Todd's birthdays.

This weekend I have Blake. I'm not sure who is more excited us or him. He gets to go see Mite's(Mike's) Farm, his uncles baby Turtees(Turkeys), and possibly go fishing if it doesn't rain. I'm not even sure if Blake still pronounces his C's and K's as T's. We think it's cute lingo and its sort of stuck with us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God Beaming!

On our way home from Mike's grandmas house on Easter was this gorgeous sunset. The picture doesn't do justice in how bright and beautiful it was, plus it was taken from my phone.

When I was a little girl my brother's would always tell me stories like I was found under a rock and if I tell my mom and dad then my antennas would come out of my head and I would have to go back to my real parents who were aliens. Of course I believed this for quite some time!! Grandma Feeler always said if someone picks on you then they like you, they must really like their little sister!

God Beaming!
One of their stories was when you see rays of the sun peaking through the clouds this was God beaming people up to heaven. Made sense to me as a little girl and knowing God was in the sky in heaven. That same week my cousin Wayne had came over to show his fish he caught down at grandpa's farm. My mom was taking his picture and little be known, there was a few clouds and the sun rays beaming on the fish he caught. So I knew this had to be true, God was beaming his fish to heaven.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie Review

On Saturday mom and I attempted to watch a movie, went through 3 beginnings of different movies before finally just saying heck with it and watch Babel with Brad Pitt. Being a Brad Pitt movie I thought it would be some what good, but instead it was his worst movie ever in my opinion.

The movie plays out in 4 different countries and doesn't really clue you in on how Japan plays in all of this until towards the end. I know it's suppose to show different cultures but the connections between them with the story line is just awful. Then to top it off it ends stupid, we thought a scene in the beginning was really meant for the end? No caption of going back a week or so to let you know, just have to assume.
I give it two thumbs down!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Products I Like/Dislike

I thought I would try the mineral makeup to see how well it would work. It doesn't cover well at all. I'm sure the more expensive brands may work, but I don't like to spend a whole lot on make up. It's expensive enough just for the cheaper stuff.
I LOVE my morocco oil I got from a hair stylist in Belle, at Bella Salon. It makes your hair really soft and shiney. Only need to use a small drop of it, so it goes a long way. I've had mine since November and the small bottle isn't even close to the half way mark.

During the warmer season I usually get this Bronzer. It works really well and is very cheap. Once again a little goes a long way.

I just recently purchased True Match by Loréal. It seems to cover well for the most part and doesn't cake up like most makeup. For me I try to find a good makeup to cover my blemishes and acne scars. It's seems pricy to me, but is a few dollars cheaper than most makeup.

Weekend Recap

Friday I met Mike and we stayed in at his house watching tv and playing the Wii.

Saturday I had a bachelorette party to attend to for my friend Lindsay who is getting married in June. We ate at the Holts Summit Winery, had a gorgeous view and the weather was perfect for it. I wasn't so sure about the food, mine was okay but nothing spectacular. I know next time not to get the "KT" wrap. It had spinach, artichoke and chicken in it, felt like I was literally eating a tub of cream cheese. Would of made for a great dip! Later we headed to Columbia to a few locations and danced the rest of the night away. It was nice to catch up with everyone I haven't seen in a while.
Here is a picture of everyone at the Winery.

Sunday grandma had Sunday Dinner and made homemade chicken and dumplings with the help of my Aunt Judy. Grandma gets tired very easy at her age and can't do as much as she would like to, so Judy usually makes the dumplings. That afternoon I wanted to take advantage of the weather but had some much needed house cleaning to do and laundry to be done so I stayed in for the most part. That evening Mom, Mike and I headed over to the Vichy Wye to meet my Dad and Zach. They had been fishing over at our lake in Vichy, they didn't catch very many but had a great time trying. To end the evening we watched a new episode of Army Wives.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Easter, the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Every year we have Easter dinner at my house for both the Feeler and Elrod families. Our crowd wasn't as big as it usually is, I think Mike was hoping that would of been the case last year. Since that is the first time he met my mom and dad plus the whole entire family. Mom had fixed a spiral ham and all the fixings. I made a dorito salad. I was a little hesitant since it made such a large batch but it went over really well. I used half the bottle of Catalina Dressing, 1 head of lettuce, 3/4 chopped onions, about 8oz. of dorito's slightly crushed, 1 tomato, 1 green pepper and 2 cups of mixed shredded cheese.

Here is a few pictures from Sunday, taken by Lizzie. Would have more pictures, but the little stinker ran my battery dead.

Grandma & Aunt Judy looking at old pictures.
Lizzie taking a picture of herself.
Grandpa Feeler Mr. Perfect

Trevor rushing to find eggs.

Later that afternoon Mike and I headed to his family dinner at his grandma's. They had chicken, ham and sausage with all the fixings. We had a great time visiting with everyone and playing washers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Have a great Easter Weekend!!