Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living on the Edge

Edge Showdown
Right after mom bought her Edge from a local girl, dad swore hers was longer and taller than mine. So being a man, he had to see it to believe it! Parked them side by side and he even got the tape measure out. lol He was bound and determined to find out he was right. All mom and I could do was watch and laugh at him a lot! End result, mine is actually 5/8th's taller since I don't have the panoramic roof like mom does.

Mom's is way more sportier than mine and is actually the exact color, etc that I was going to order when I bought mine. Little sh*t! :) So now I call mine the grandma to hers.

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  1. It was quite an entertaining evening "living on the edge". For a carpenter that can eye ball framing and leveling, he certainly didn't have the eye of figuring this one out.
    Gotta love him!! lol


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