Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well my blogging wasn't too sparse the last week or so like I thought it would be. Should be back on track now that I've got graduation tabloids and the fair book done. Phew, I can breathe again.

Friday I had to work late, it took forever to send the fair book. Excited to get it back, it's going to look snazzy! :) The rest of the evening was a calm, relaxing one.

Saturday I cleaned a little, watered my flowers - which I need to take a picture and post before I end up killing them, then went to Mike's mom and dads for fried fish. That evening we headed to the pig roast for yet another fish fry. I was a little fished out so I snacked on frog legs. Nathan came home with us. I was so glad he was in a daze as we went through a check point. This was my first experience with one. I was extremely nervous. I'm sure they thought they had a drunk on their hands until I rolled down the window. Not used to Mike's brakes, ended up hitting them a little too hard in front of the cops. lol I was shocked to see that at 8:30 they already had a few vehicles vacant and the others they were handcuffing the drivers. Glad to know they weren't on the road anymore especially with hauling precious cargo, little Nathan.

Sunday we played with Nathan before heading back to the Pig Roast in Vichy. Had a nice afternoon with everyone there. We left a little earlier than normal for a Pig Roast since Mike's brother was barbecuing chicken at our shed that evening. Played Bocce for the first time, it was very addicting. It's similar to shuffle board, but played on the ground, so that was right up my alley. I love shuffle board.

Monday was a day of relaxation and cleaning up from the weekend. I used the self-oven cleaner for the first time yesterday. I was shocked at how good it worked, guess I shouldn't be too shocked - it did it's job like it's suppose to. I was a little iffy though on using it since mom had bad luck with hers. She went through not one but two ovens when first using the self cleaner on them, which they were both brand new at the time. I wasn't about to get a new stove, but I had a little faith in it. Worked like a charm. Later we went down to Mike's mom and dads where his dad was frying up some fish again. Got to love this time of the year with cooking outdoors!

Had a great fun filled weekend making new memories with family and friends.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is how we do it...

Well some of us were crazy at the Rolla Daily News, others including myself stayed in the dingy basement to wait out most of the storm. I peaked out every now and then. I was freaking out inside especially after seeing the devastation from Joplin's tornado on Sunday. It was hard, but I was able to stay calm during the sirens and scanner going off. Especially one cop in particular on his speaker asking "Uhh... guys am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?". Yeah not a good thing to hear and with possible touch downs all around us. Clouds were circling above our building several different times. Never thought in my life I would see them circle like that, only in movies. Spending almost three hours down there made for unproductive awful afternoon. Thankfully no one was hurt. Here is some pictures from my work, glad there was none of me since my hair was an afro from the humidity.

Marcia proofing the pages for the Fairbook magazine to kill some time.

Our reporter, Brandy.

Cori and Karen watching the clouds swirl above.

Clouds forming in front of our office, the start of the storm moving in.

Clouds forming behind our office.

Tongue-tied Thursday

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Got my hair cut last night and colored. It's SHORT SHORT! I've never had my hair this short and I feel so lost. It doesn't look bad, it will just take a LONG time to get used to it. I was shocked that my mom and dad loved it, me - not so much yet. Pictures to come...possibly??

...This weekend we're bombarded with graduation parties. Three in fact. Will be a good weekend with some good food and company. I do have to miss one on Sunday that Mike is helping cook at so I can attend my cousin Kara's party.

...Speaking of Ms. Kara Leigh... I FEEL so freaking old to the thought of Kara all grown up and GRADUATING! I used to babysit her all the time along with her sister, Tess.

...My cousin Krissi found out she is having a boy last week. I was so hoping for a girl. Oh well, at least the little guy is healthy.

...I finally scheduled my vacation time today. I was shocked when I looked at my calendar that the only week I had free was towards the end of June! I hate leaving for long periods of time and I really shouldn't when there is big projects to do. Especially since I'm the only one that can put them together and send it to the press. Blah.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I came across this quote while looking for clipart this morning. I worry over the littlest of things. This is such a true statement. I think I need to read this every day. What can I say? I'm a worry wort, it's in my blood.

Weekend Recap

Well I have a few minutes free this morning so what better way to use that time than to blog. I felt so deprived from the blog world - even though it's only been a few days. ;) I have one graduation tabloid done and sent to the press, now to finish two more by the end of this week. I'm thinking that week long vacation is starting to become a need and a soon fix from all this ciaos.

Friday I attending a Thirty-One party. I couldn't decide between two styles so I got them both. lol I know they will both be used ALL the time so it was money well spent. Pictures to come when I receive them.

Saturday Mike and I got up early and headed to Rolla for a co-workers wedding at 10:30. It was a small wedding, but a good one at that. The weather was crappy so afterward Mike and I came back home. I was so tired from the work week and my eye lids weren't staying awake any longer so I took a short nap. Big mistake! I hate feeling like crap after a nap. That evening we went to a friends house to eat fried chicken and played cards. It was my first time playing 6-hand pitch with two decks. Had a great time and the girls won about every game. We're just that good and good at talking across the table! :) We had so much fun in fact that when one finally asked what time it was, it was almost four in the morning! It didn't seem like we were there for 7 hours playing cards. Just the thought of the time made all of us quit the last game and head home for bed.

Sunday we slept in of course then went to my grandma and grandpa Feeler's for dinner. They just got back from there trip so grandma just ordered Lee's Chicken for everyone. Came home, did some laundry, made meatloaf, and called it a night!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday

Fair Warning

I doubt I have very many readers, but to those of you who follow my blog occasionally it will be very sparse the next few weeks. Deadlines are near and I still have three graduation tabs to put together, a sesquicentennial tab, summerfest tab, and the Phelps County Fair magazine. Yikes! This always took three people to do, now it's just me. I hope I can hold it all together and pull some magic to get these done on time. In order to do so I may not be posting as regularly as I have been.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...This Friday I have a Thirty-One Party to attend. Never been to one, but love their products.

...Saturday morning I have a wedding to attend for a coworker. It's an early morning wedding so I'm not sure what the rest of the day will be in store for us.

...Finally got all my flowers planted. Now I want more!! Maybe I need to find a money tree first!

...I will NEVER again buy a border to plant into the ground outlining my flower bed. It took me forever to dig a stupid trench for that thing. But it does look good.

...Well next week I am not only adding some color to my hair, but I'm also going short! I am tired of it and hate dealing with it. So it's going shoulder length with it a tad bit longer in the front. I had that hair style almost two years ago and loved it! Hopefully that will be the case again.

...I've been debating hard about taking a full week off from work this summer. I haven't miss more than two days at a time since I started working here. I've been employed here since November 3, 2008 to be exact. So I am well overdue. I've had the time to use every year, but I just always hate taking off that much when I know I am needed here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike had to work late and I headed straight to my grandma and grandpa Feeler's house after work to celebrate Mother's Day. They were leaving the next day for Arizona to see my uncle Russ and great uncle Glenn. So glad my grandma is able to make another trip to see her brother once again. We had the perfect evening for a family get-together. Of course every time I sit by grandpa he always has to find some joke or new picture they have received, old or new to show me. This time it was a joke from his mule book. It was quite the tale and experiencing it with my grandpa made it even more special. Oh, how I love his laughs! :) My cousin R.J.'s little boy, Bradley along with my cousin Krissi's little boy, Kaden had quite the time playing together. Here's a picture of the two boys. Kaden is to the left, his looks are a spitten image of my brother, Chad when he was that age.

Saturday Mike had to work once again. I spent most of the morning-day doing some spring cleaning. After Mike got home we headed to Jeff so I could pick up some flowers. Ah, finally my flower beds can be filled with something other than DIRT! It wasn't quite dark yet by the time we got back home so I quickly got the front flower bed finished. Now if I can get to the back flower bed this evening or tomorrow evening I will be set.

Sunday Mike and I went to my church. After church we headed to my mom and dads for dinner. I think we've made a new family tradition to watch Swamp People. I love that show. Almost makes me want to get out there and hunt gators. ;) That afternoon we headed to Mike's mom and dads for supper. It was the perfect weather for Kylie and Jake to bring out there Little Tikes' four-wheelers.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Didn't get my flowers bought or planted over the weekend so maybe this weekend I will be able to.

...I finally made a hair appointment. It's in couple of weeks. I wish I was more of a procrastinator with stuff like this. I knew she had been gone and her appointments would quickly book up. Oh well.

...Now if I could get on the ball to pick an eye doctor and make an appointment asap! To be honest I've been wearing the same contacts since last July or August. Who does that? Plus the strength doesn't seem to be enough so it looks like I'll be purchasing glasses as well as contacts. I can never seem to make time in the mornings to put my contacts in so through the week I usually just grab my glasses. Kind of excited to get new glasses, I hate the ones I currently have.

...I'm thinking about purchasing some cute rain boots. It never fails with our Pig Roast on Memorial Weekend, it always seems to rain at some point. Now that I will come prepared, it won't rain. Oh well, that works too since the whole thing is outside ALL weekend. A good tradition to kick off the summer!

...With the Pig Roast, I am thinking about opting out of being the pig shooter this year. It's a fast process of getting in, corralling the pig, shooting it between the eyes as quick as you can... but here's the kicker - there is usually about 6 or 7 guys standing around holding gates to corral the pig, watching, and it's on concrete so there is no room for mistakes. I don't like knowing that if I make one wrong not-so-quick move then BAM the bullet ricochets off the concrete and possibly hitting someone. Yikes. Not a good feeling to have hanging over your shoulders.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This was in my mail on Friday, Ree Drummond's new book. It's a cute little story filled with Ree's witty humor. Funny little remarks in it that we everyday people often use, but in dog lingo. I tried to read it to Nathan while Mike and Blake was feeding the fish, but he thought throwing a squishy ball was more fun. Little turkey. Thanks, mom!

Weekend Recap

Due to power failure and then not getting our internet up and running yesterday until 4, made for a LONG day at work and no blogging of course.

Friday I picked the Allen boys up after work then headed to St. Elizabeth. Blake thought he was something else getting to leave his little brother behind while him and Mike went over to Jr's lake to feed the fish and to see the turkeys. Ended the evening watching Toy Story 3.

Saturday morning I fixed chocolate chip pancakes. I wasn't paying much attention and ALL of them turned out a little more brown than I like. Felt like it was my first time making pancakes. I've never burned pancakes until now. They still tasted fine and both boys loved them. Cleaned up then took the boys to Mike's mom and dads. Blake wanted to go the night before so he could play with all the toys so he was getting very antsy. So antsy in fact, that he wanted to stay with Mike's mom and not take a 4-wheeler ride so he could play. So Mike and I ended up just taking Nathan on a 4-wheeler ride to see the cows then to visit some neighbors. After ward we came home to eat lunch then the boys, Mike and Blake took out again. I stayed back so Nathan could take a nap. Here's a picture of Nathan getting sleepy. Got a call later asking if Nathan was up that I should come down there and take pictures of Blake's fish he caught. So we did and boy did he ever catch some fish. Here is a picture of Mike and Blake with his catfish.
And another with a good size crappie. Blake fished with others the rest of the afternoon as we watched. I was a little glad Nathan was very shy around everyone. Made it easier so we didn't have to keep chasing after him by the lake. He had fun watching his big brother and being goofy. He loves to say ouch, so he would pretend he couldn't walk, fall over, giggle, say ouch, and then do it all over again. lol That evening mom and dad came to pick up the boys. The house was so quiet after they left.

Sunday Mike and I went to my great uncle's auction in Vichy. Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening being lazy.

Have a great week!