Friday, November 16, 2012

Last day!

Today is my last day at Rolla Daily News. No more deadlines. No hour commute to work. Just happy sailing into my new job! Just at the right time as well, since Meta Hill opens up later today!!

Today was also snack day/my farewell!

My own pan of cinnamon rolls from a co-worker. Mike won't know what to think when I bring these home. Hope he doesn't expect these all the time since his mother-in-law just sent some home last weekend! Curious to how these will taste, they have mashed potatoes in them.

Card from the same co-worker. Very nice of her and she got me a picture frame. She also used to play with my mom when she was a little girl, small world! Sure going to miss her!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...One more day left at RDN. Ready to get the heck out of dodge! Tomorrow is snack day!

...This week may be my last posts for awhile. Going to feel lost being deprived from the blog world. I've had a few suggest that I post from my phone. Well I have an older blackberry and it's not equipped to do so without me trying throwing it out the window before even getting to the blogger website.

...Monday was a slow day and probably the only day for a long time to post wedding pictures to FB so I went ahead before the thank you were sent out. Oh well.

...Saturday my mom and I are going to see Miss Julia and of course her lovely Mom. She has became such a great friend and so lucky to have her in my life.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Went to Ms. Kittys for Mikes 30th birthday. I don't think it hit him that everyone was actually there for him until he saw his grandma come through the door. So he was surprised. My mom and dad even came up to eat as well. Had a nice evening with everyone with lots of laughs.

Mike's 30th Birthday!! Got Mike's birthday cake fixed and ready to bake for the next day since we didn't have time to eat it on Saturday. It was lasagna, per his request. I'm sure Mike's family who is reading this may be a little shocked to know he requested lasagna! :) That afternoon I headed with Mike to a couple of spots to look for deer. No luck and neither one of us wanted to sit there and wait for one so we headed up to a neighbors for a fish fry and some visiting. Got a phone call from Steve, so we headed up to where he was hunting at with Ashley to track her doe she shot. Out there tracking blood for almost two hours. Saw it a couple of times, but it was on the move. Eventually the blood was becoming harder to track to none at all, so we gave up. Went to Joe and Diane's for some fried chicken and french fries. Got to love deer season!

Slept in. Had Mike's birthday cake, aka lasagna for dinner. Pretty well was a lazy day in the house with it being a rainy deary day. Had Dorito Mexican Chicken for supper. I didn't care for it too much, but Mike liked it. An unsuccessful Pinterest recipe. 

I think he felt silly blowing out candles, but he humored me by doing so! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...One thing that will suck to no end with this new job is no social media. No facebook. No blogger. No pinterest. No hotmail and the list goes on. When I get enough money saved up I plan to get a really good computer with Photoshop to do some side work. Just wish those two items weren't so darn expensive! So in the meantime I will be M.I.A. from the blog world. I may blog here and there on the weekends when I get a chance at the in-laws.

...Mike's big 30th birthday is this Saturday. I wanted to have something in our shed like with chili and chili dogs, but decided to go more simple since there is lots of deer camps going on. So Kitty's it is. Planning to eat then probably stay there the rest of the evening since there will now be a DJ (not for Mike's birthday, just something Kitty usually has every year on deer season eve). So far Mike knows nothing about it, hoping it stays that way. We usually go anyway the night before, so he won't be shocked when I suggest to eat there.

...My thank you's are suppose to be done printing today! Hoping I can find some time this weekend to finish those up or at least get a good head start. It's been two months today since the wedding!

...Next Friday could not come soon enough. So tired of being taken advantage of. Don't tell me you understand I do ALL the work in my department then turn right around and give me everything to do since you know the other person won't get it done! So frustrating! Sorry for the rant, but this is what I deal with on a weekly/daily basis. Luckily today is my Friday!

...I'm learning more and more each time with my class. There is a lot I thought Catholics believed was a certain way until now. For instance, they believe that anyone who believes in God and wants to go to Heaven will be able to even if they think they don't deserve to go, it's what's truly in their heart. I always assumed Catholics believed that if you weren't baptized as a baby (with a few exceptions) then you were going to hell. There's a lot I 'assumed' with their faith and very glad I have been proven wrong. I know I made the right choice to become Catholic and each week proves that. I feel so much closer to God than I ever did before.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

QUE: hApPy DaNcE

I am so happy to announce I finally got a new job! Yay!!

This job opening literally just fell into my lap. I just knew they wouldn't even consider me with my degree. I've had that happen in the past with a really good job at MS&T. They liked me, but figured I would leave after two years to pursue my degree even after I confirmed with them I had no desire to if the right opportunity came up, like that position.

I pretty well gave up on a call back after my interview. Even though I felt it went really well and like I had the job. The anticipation was killing me and I was running out of patience. Last Friday (a week after the interview) I was just about to call them to check if the position had been filled and they called me, to offer the position. All I wanted to do was a big happy dance in the break room.

I am already having new job jitters and the unknown factor with job security. It's going to be very overwhelming at first, like with any new job, but I'm ready to tackle something new. I am so excited to only have a 7-10 minute commute to work and excellent benefits. Huge plus, especially since I just learned the insurance at my current work is going up!

So you're now looking at a new employee in Customer Service for Diamond Pet Foods. I start in two weeks so wish me luck! VERY EXCITED!! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Wall

Finally got the family wall complete with our wedding picture added to it. I love it!

Now, if I can just get to finishing up the thank you cards to send them to a press to be printed. Work hasn't allowed me spare time to get this accomplished!!

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a baby shower for Doug, Beth and baby Julia. I am so disappointed that I don't have a picture of Julia. She is so tiny and completely healthy. Thank the Lord! I never did get a chance to hold her since she was being passed around a lot with others, so I figured there is always next time. Had a nice evening visiting with everyone and enjoying the delicious fried food!
Here's a few pictures from the night:

Sorry it's sideways. Their cake was made by a co-worker of Lindsays.
A few of the butterfly diaper decorations we made. They could use a little more TLC, but we didn't have the time nor the energy on Thursday night.
My Dad aka Baby Snatcher and Abigail.
Poor Abigail's tummy was hurting so she loved being in his position, kept her content.
Happy new parents! Picture's a little fuzzy!
Wanted to sleep in, but I apparently left my phone alarm for work on auto and it went off at 5:30. couldn't really go back to sleep after that so I went ahead and got up around 7 to start cleaning the house. It was a mess. Well not really a mess, just needed a good scrub all around. Got all my wedding pictures printed out and sorted them in order to put in albums. That was quite the job since Walmart had the pictures in no particular order. That evening Mike and I got the fire pit out and watched fireworks from a distance. Not sure if someone just had them or they were for a wedding that was taking place up town. Jason, Randy and Elizabeth joined us later.

Headed to church with Mike and Jr. After church Mike and I headed to my mom and dads for my grandpa's 88th birthday! Another great family meal followed by watching a few old tapes of molasses and a cousin birthday parties. 

Mike loving what his birthday card said from his in-laws. See below pictures. I didn't find it too funny! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

{Thank goodness it's Friday} Quote of the Day!


God sure has blessed me with some sweet cousins. Had to share a post from another cousin. My family and I watched Ashlyne a lot while she was growing up. She's more like a niece than anything since she spent so much time in our household.

When she started school, I always picked her up and brought her. She insisted every morning that she hung out with me and my friends in the high school hallways. Never failed, every day. Most kids her age looked forward to the mornings before school to have recess. I know I always did, but not Ash. She was six going on sixteen, as she would tell everyone.

I got to experience one of the most amazing things I could ever experience. My favorite cousin ever got married & I had the honors to be a part of it. April, you have no idea how excited I was when you asked me to be a part of your special day, and boy was it special! Everything went perfect. I remember when you were that 'cool big kid' I used to hangout with. I wanted to be just like you, & still
do. ♥ I still look up to you. (: I remember when I used to go to the high school with you before school in kindergarten and never wanted to go to class. It's weird knowing you're all grown up and married. Lol I miss you & I'm so glad you're happy. Love you & I will always be that little cousin that followed you around everywhere. ♥ (:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...So ready for Saturday to get caught up on my laundry. It's the simplest things in life that make me happy! I've something going on every night this week and it's killing me knowing the house is a wreck.

...Celebrating my grandpa's 88th birthday this weekend! His life goal is to be 110, the oldest living Feeler in the history book. :)

...Not sure if Mike and I are too serious in to buying land just yet or not, but we've been talking about it. Would like to find a good piece of property in St. E to eventually build a house on. There's one spot I would love to have, but it's still considered in the city limits, which means the high priced water bill that would come with it. So that's out of the question! For now, I am okay with living in our 2 bedroom cozy little home in town. I love it! It will be bitter sweet when the day comes that I have to part with it.

...Really need to work on becoming more patient and letting things rest in God's hands. 

...Absolutely love jean leggings with boots. They are so comfy, I could wear them everyday!

...A former co-worker of mine let me know she was going to be a grandma! So happy for her, as her daughter and her husband have been trying for the past ten years to have children. They find out soon if she is carrying twins!!