Monday, October 29, 2012

A Few Wedding Photos

Our awesome wedding party! 

Our Matron of Honor & Best Man

Ring bearer pillow made by my mom. Has both her and my dads wedding rings on it.
Beautiful church of St. Elizabeth

Sign my brothers had made for us as a wedding present which was displayed in front of the church.

Receiving my something blue... a sapphire ankle bracelet.

Unity candle. On my dishes that were my grandma Elrod's.

Family table of all the generation wedding pictures which is now displayed in my living room.

My dad and Chad made these coasters as wedding favors.

Back drop turned out better than I expected!

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I went to Kittys to eat supper. Visited with a few of the elders then headed to the bowling alley for a bit to watch Steve bowl.

Mike had to work. I went in to Jeff to pick up the CDs of our wedding pictures, I'll post a few on here since I am pretty sure I know which one(s) I will use for the thank you's. Dropped my dress off at Victorias to be preserved and ran a few other errands. Came home to eat lunch then headed out again once Mike got home. We headed over to Jr's to help unload 5,500 (approx.) baby turkeys. This was my first experience unloading them and it went a lot faster than I thought. Once we were done Mike, Jr and I headed to clean out their deer stand and watched a neighbor finish up planting wheat in his field.

Went to church with Mike and Jr then headed across the street for the St. E Fall dinner. That afternoon we headed to my mom and dads for supper. Went with mom and dad to look at the river, then stopped in to visit with grandpa and grandma before heading back home.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A good laugh

I completely forgot about this moment. During rehearsal as my dad is to practice giving me away. Mike goes in to shake my hand. Yes, my hand instead of my dads! I think everyone got quite the laugh out of that as you can tell by looking at his brothers in his picture. Thank goodness he didn't do this during the ceremony. LOL

Wish my camera settings would have been on the right setting for the rehearsal. They're all orange and fuzzy!

Thursday Ramblings

...My pictures are finally done! I will be picking them up this Saturday!! So hopefully no one has gave up on me for thank you cards! Wanting to do a postcard of one of our wedding pictures. The reason it took so long was the photographer had major computer problems and almost lost all my pictures. The originals were saved on backup, but all the edited pictures were the ones that were almost gone. Thank goodness, otherwise she would of had to edit them all over again. For those of you that have me on FB... you may have to wait awhile to view them. I haven't decided yet, but I may wait to post them until after the thank yous are sent out. Kind of defeats the purpose for those with facebook.

...Waiting to hear from two jobs is nerve racking! Will be so nice to have a change yet I am a little petrified. I hate the unknown: Will I like it? Will I be able to do the job? Do I even qualify? Does my degree in another field hurt my chances? Job security?    
     I don't think I am qualified for either, but I am hoping they overlook my degree and want to hire me even though it's out of my career range. Which I am so ready for a change and more importantly, better hours and closer to home.

...Haven't decided yet, but we may be the only house in town next week that doesn't pass out candy. Don't really want to fork out $50+. Oh the joys of living in town!

...Class is going good. Learning more in depth about the Bible. Kind of like having a weekly class to learn about God.

...Finally got around to uploading some of our engagement pictures to FB. lol Long overdue!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Elizabeth and I headed with our neighbors, Aaron and Andrea to their families' deer cabin since Mike and Randy were bowling. Aaron's dad grilled pork chops and tenderloin. Nice evening out of the house and not stuck at the bowling alley! :)

I headed to mom and dads house to ride with them to the Feeler family reunion in Rolla. Been awhile since I've been to one. It was good to see grandpa get to visit with his brothers and sister as they are all getting older and don't see each other that often. That afternoon, I headed with Laverne to Jake's 4th birthday party since Mike was bowling again. It was tournament weekend in St. E. After Mike got done bowling we headed back to Steve and Ashley's to visit and sit around the bonfire. Turned out to be the perfect night for it. Saw a few nice bucks on the way there.

Went to church with Mike and Jr. After church we headed over to St. Anthony's Fall dinner. Food was really good! Came home and took a nap. Seemed to be the only way to get rid of my splitting headache and getting over being car sick from the ride home. Never fails on those winding roads. Mike had to bowl again that afternoon. Got to love tournament weekends. :) I cleaned the house and moved the living room around. I like doing that on occasion since I have to move it anyway to get those dust bunnies!

An overall good weekend spent with family on both sides!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...I got the BEST text yesterday from my friend, Lindsay. She wanted to let me know little Miss Julia is almost ready to come home and their house is complete! Julia has came a long way from 1lb something to now over 3lbs. VERY EXCITING news for Beth and Doug!!

...This weekend we have a wedding to attend for Tommy and Amber! I've known the groom since I was in elementary. One of my very first birthday parties, he came home with my brother, Todd. May have been the week or two he stayed with us while his family went to England to see extended family. All of us girls were playing in my new playhouse and roaming the paths in the woods with our baby dolls when all of a sudden out of nowhere pops up Todd and Tommy! Always pranksters. When I started Jr. High, one morning they came roaming the Jr. High hallway with huge branches poking everyone telling them to move. I was mortified. I swore they were out to humiliated me. I'm sure it will be a good time on Saturday and it will be great to catch up with everyone!

...This weekend is Iron Works. I'm a little sad we won't be attending it. I actually loved going every year pouring up the hot molasses and having to work it all day on both Saturday and Sunday.

...I started my first religion class last Tuesday night. I think it's going to be a long year or so until Easter, but it will be so worth it in the end! There is three of us going to become Catholic and a few others are already Catholic just want to learn more about it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Dad & daughter dance to "My Little Girl".
I almost forgot to post about this sweet picture and kind words my cousin, Kara. She sent this to me the day after the wedding.
"Your wedding was beyond amazing. You were such a beautiful bride. Mike is so lucky to of found you. You are one of the most beautiful people I have met on the inside and out. I have always looked up to you, and pray one day I will be able to be the bride you are. Thank you for letting me be apart of your wedding day! You and Mike's adventure is just now beginning. Take each day as if it's your last. Love unconditionally and communicate every thing! You guys are the perfect match. It was amazing seeing the smiles across your face when you met yesterday at the front. You guys are so blessed to have one another! I love you! And thank you for always being here for me."
Touching, huh? Sure going to miss her coming to my work once a week and seeing baby Parker. Guess mom and I will just have to make more shopping trips to Springfield to see them!! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy One Month!

Yesterday Mike and I spent the end of our first month of marriage by watching our wedding and reception video followed by leftover wedding roast beef.

We just to happen to get our video back yesterday so whether it was one month or two, we were both antsy to see it! I was a little disappointed in myself, I looked so sad and nervous. I am a nervous person when I'm in front of a crowd, but this day the nerves went all away. I was so proud of myself until now after seeing the video. I thought, gee April you needed to look happy and smile on the biggest day of your life. I know walking down the aisle, I was about to cry seeing Mike. Plus I was trying my hardest to keep my throat moist the entire time so I didn't start coughing like a mad woman! Which you can tell something was off with me. Oh well. Guess as long as I know I was extremely happy, that this day had finally came and I was marrying my best friend. I remember trying my best to soak in every minute of it and not ready for it to end. Apparently, I am not very good at showing my true emotions.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Finally got to use my stone pizza pan that was given to us at a shower. I loved it and not to mention the homemade pizza! May have to start making that more often. Both Mike and I devoured more than we needed!!

...This weekend we have a wedding to attend in St. E. Wish my new hubby didn't have to bartend it. 

...Hoping to get our wedding pictures in soon. Getting extremely anxious to see them!

...My mom had surgery on Monday for her shoulder due to her fall last year. It was worse than the MRI showed once they got in there, she had torn her rotator cuff in two places and had a nodule removed. She's doing good except for being very sore! Stayed there last night to help out since Mike had to bowl. Mike's idea. I think he may have been a little worried about her. :)

...I'm about due for a phone upgrade. I haven't decided if I want a smartphone or just a generic one. I keep thinking I need to ween myself from checking FB so much in the evenings and weekends since I do at work. Easier said than done. A generic phone would solve this problem, but I'm a little curious to get an IPhone because of the apps. Any suggestions on good phones, smartphone or not? 

...I love my family wall of all the family wedding photos that were display at the wedding. I will have to post a picture of it once I get a wedding picture of us to add to it. Right now there is a frame on the wall for it, supporting the picture it came with. I could sit and stare at it all day!

...Applied for a job today. Fingers crossed! I don't think I'm quite qualified for it, but you never know! It's in the same field some what that I am now in.  

...Our Lake sister papers get Monday off, but no one else does. Fair, huh? Granted it isn't a paid holiday, but it's still a day away from work! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike had to bowl so we spent the evening at the bowling alley.

Went to my grandma and grandpa's for the annual family reunion. This is the first year that I can remember where there was no molasses making due to the drought this year. Just didn't seem right to not see the guys cooking and the horses going around the press.

That evening Mike and I headed up to the community center for a 40th birthday. We don't get to see this group too often, but when we do, it's always a fun time.

I never set my alarm anymore on weekends anymore since I get up around 7:30-8. Mike always goes to visit his grandma way before church then picks me up. Well guess who didn't get up in time? That afternoon Mom came over and we headed to the Lake to do some a little shopping and go out to eat. I am so excited I bought a fire pit. We've been debating for quite some time to get one or make one of our own. Since we live in town, we didn't want something more permanent in one spot. I had been eying one online, but came across one 3 times cheaper. I'm sure it won't last as long as a more expensive one would, but at least we'll see how much we will even use one and go from there. Came home and did a little yard work. Kylie and her cousin, Camryn came over to help me. They were such a big help and were so proud of themselves in helping me pot my mums and pulling my weeds. Although I did get a lecture on how I need to water my flowers more often so they don't die. :)