Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

...My dad and brother finished up our kitchen this week. So we finally have a snack bar again!

...Words cannot even begin to express how betrayed I feel by a company I felt was so loyal and honest with me. I was told I was getting 401K for FOUR years. I am left with absolutely nothing. Makes me so sick to my stomach. Granted I guess half of it is my fault, or all my fault. To be honest, I didn't know there would be deductions for it to be taken out. It was always on every one of my paychecks of the amount for it, but no deductions taken out. Three years ago I had even asked about it and was told that yes I am getting 401K. At the same time, this was my first job with 401K and I didn't know I would have to assume people can't do their job CORRECTLY. Guess I need to look on the bright side, and be very blessed I didn't waste anymore years with that company and I now know what to look for in the future. Part of me wonders if that company deliberately did this, considering it's no secret that corp. business is going bankrupt and has for quite some time.... but, I'm sure it was an honest mistake. I guess.

...This weekend I am another step closer to becoming Catholic. I am attending church in Jefferson City Sunday afternoon to receive my confirmation.

...I think I will survive my 'first' Lent with the Catholic faith. Ever since Mike and I have been living together, I've not ate meat on Fridays out of respect, so it won't seem any different this year and every year from here on out.

...Work is still going great. I've started a new outlook with myself... killing the customers with kindness. So far it is working. Which I am always nice to them, just taking it to an extra level. Makes me feel good knowing someone calls yelling and ends the conversation with thanking me for their time. Speaking of thanking... had my 90 evaluation last week. Went really good!

...Still going to try my best with blogging more often. Life hasn't been too exciting to post my weekend recaps. I could probably sum my weekend up in 2-3 sentences. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

Since Fr. Ben is still away, we've been going over the 10 commandments. A couple of weeks ago, one discussion has stuck with me and I'm not sure I can EVER get past it... forgiveness.

The timing couldn't be more wrong with this topic for me as it was coming up on the anniversary death of two childhood friends and their mother who were taken from their life, fifteen years ago. Fifteen years may seem long to many, but it still seems like it happened yesterday.

The death sentence came up in discussion. As always I just kept quiet, while the whole time I was asking God, how can I ever say the word 'forgive' for two men who took innocent lives. I know when the time comes, their judgement day with God will come; therefore, we're suppose to forgive. I don't feel I will ever be able to come to terms with that when it comes to these two men. So many thoughts ran through my head like, "Why are they still living?".... then a big thought hit me.... these two men have been alive since the murder LONGER than Adrian and Kyle was alive to experience life.

I've been praying about this a lot lately. It bothers me that I am very stubborn with this, but at the same time, forgiving to me means I am okay with what they did. Which I'm not, I will never be.

Going to try my best to not think of numbers and those two men... but to remember the times I had spent with them. Pray that one day the family will be able to be at peace. I cannot even imagine the heartache they feel.