Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

...As the weeks go by, I am finding it even harder to blog. Evenings always seem to go by way too fast.

...Over the weekend, we watched Blake and Nathan. They came to help unload baby turkeys (around 14,000). I knew Blake would help out but wasn't too sure with Nathan. Figured he would just want to stay aside and watch. To my surprise, he got right in there and helped just as much as Blake and I did. Also made sure he kept real quiet just like Jr. told them to. Both boys were very excited to earn $3 each for their hard work. Had a good weekend with the Allen boys!

...Finally got our house loan switched to another bank. So wished we would have done that much sooner, their going to save us a lot of money!

...Hard to believe today is the last day of January. This year is flying by so far, won't be long and it will be time to gain a sister-in-law!!

...Work is still going great. I made FB this week. I was shocked a lady took the time to write a huge paragraph on how she was pleased with how patient and polite I was with her. Sure my made day,  especially after just getting off the phone with a very hateful customer.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kitchen Mini Remodel

Mike and I have wanted to update our kitchen ever since we bought the house. Just like everything else, money got in the way of accomplishing just that. Thankfully with this new job, I was able to use what would have been 'gas money' to do our remodel. I love it! Wish we could have done it sooner.

Sometimes having relatives laid off in between jobs is a real blessing to me! Thanks to my dad and brothers they were able to get it all done in three days.



Missing the island/bar counter top. Won't be installed until a piece comes in for it around Feb 8th. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

After work, Mike and I met up with some friends in Meta then headed to Jeff to eat dinner at Coltons. We had a lot of fun catching up and ended up being the last table to leave.

Mom met me at the house and we headed to Jeff. Did some light shopping and ate lunch at Chilis. Ended up purchasing a countertop from Menards that they had in stock to bring home to see if we would even like it along with a tile sample. I love it! Plus its way cheaper than what we originally picked out. So we may go ahead and update the kitchen very soon. Something we've planned to do since we bought the house just never had the time nor the money to do so. Now that I am saving money with gas, it frees us up to go ahead with the process. :) Not to mention, our sink needs replaced very soon. It has some major cracks on the bottom of it. Makes me nervous every time I fill it up with water, that its going to crack the rest of the way through.

That evening Mike was suppose to bowl in a tournament. One of the lanes at the bowling alley was messed up so they had to cancel his team. So most of the team and their families ended up coming over to our shed to eat and play cards. I think 10 hand pitch has became my all time favorite game!

Slept in. Ate dinner at the in-laws then spent the rest of the day doing some much needed deep cleaning around the house. Changed the sheets on the bed and saw a quilt we received for our wedding in the closet. I had completely forgot about it, so on the bed it went. My dad's cousin made it for us and personalized it. I wish I was that talented.

On a side note: I discovered my computer has a place for memory cards to be inserted. Yay! Funny it has that, since Apple felt the need it didn't need a place to insert a CD/DVD. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo dump

I'm finding it harder than I thought to get back into the groove of blogging.

Figured I would start with a few misc. gifts we received from our wedding and a couple from Christmas. Nothing to exciting, but hey at least it's a start on my part....

An old window sign made by one of my distant cousins on my dads side, given to us as a wedding present. 

Another distant cousin on my dad's side of the family made this for our wedding, its a tile. 

My Aunt, Katie painted this for us. 

Little dark. Sign is from a former co-worker, dad built the frame for the wedding out of old wood, and a friend (Shelley) gave us the 'love' blocks as a wedding shower gift. Planning to make the wedding picture into a canvas. I think it would stand out more and a little bigger in this spot. 

Fridge is full of Christmas cards/pictures.

Mike's gator he got for Christmas from his in-laws. Not exactly the gator he was hoping for. :) 
Originally this table was made to be by our front door. It was just too big for such a small space. I think it works perfect here. I love the old wood! Still need to get bigger picture frames and more of a variety for the table. A Christmas present my brother's made for us. White Bible on the bottom is a wedding gift from a former Spring Creek Baptist Church member, Sally and the cross lying on top is another wedding present from a distant cousin of Mike's on the Holtmeyer side. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

...Tuesday was our last class with Fr. Ben for 6 weeks. We'll still have it with our sponsors, just without him. He's going home to Nigeria to see his family. He left our sponsors with a book to use while he's gone, 'Catholicism for Dummies'! lol He's such a character! Pray for Fr. Ben as he makes his journey home, safe and sound.

...Wednesdays at work have to be by far the best. One would think because it's payday every other Wednesday, but in fact, it's my favorite for my new addition... McDonald's Sweet Tea. Completely the worst tea on earth for you, but it's oh so good! Linn Printing brings us one every week when she comes to pick up items.

...After class Tuesday night, Mike shocked me by saying supper was on him the next night. Say what? He so kindly dropped off stew meat with grandma Luebbert to make his favorite vegetable beef stew, grandma style. Spoiled. Works for me, since it gets me out of a night cooking. :)

...Going to try to see the new addition to the Feeler family, baby Liam on Saturday with mom and maybe do a little shopping.

...I've added three new blogs to my list for the year; one is a childhood friend with her two superheroes and a princess, a friend from my community blogging about her journey to become fit (she walked/jogged over 365 miles last year.... go Emily!), and a girl I used to work with who is becoming a surrogate mother for a couple in England documenting her journey. I love finding new blogs to read, especially blogs of people I know!

I can't seem to think of anything else, so I guess I will get off of here and start some laundry.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moment in time

...and another baby to be held by my wonderful grandma. Such a pretty site and a picture worth sharing to you all. Here she is holding the newest great grandson, Liam Paul.

Liam makes the 17th great grandchild for my grandma and grandpa Feeler; if my calculations were correct. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello blog world!

I'm back!!!!!!

I've been so deprived from the blog world. The kiddos seemed to have grown from fellow blogs I follow just within almost two months of not catching up on their lives.

Here's a quick recap of my life the past month or so:

Tuesday marks four months that Mike and I have been married. It seems like it was so far away yet like it just happened yesterday. Such a beautiful day, that I wouldn't mind reliving again. We had so much fun!

New computer. I like it, but I liked the older models better. Who makes an expensive computer with NO DVD drive!? Apple, that's who. Stupidest idea on the face on the earth with technology. So now, my next step with internet browsing is to purchase a DVD drive. Not what I had in mind to spend with my Christmas money.

It's been a roller coaster of run arounds with computer and internet. Who knew buying a certain computer would be so complicated. Hope it didn't take too long for clients to still remember me. I have for sure one prospect lined out so I hope it works out and they don't mind I won't be available during regular business hours.

New job. I LOVE IT! The job does come with some stress, but no where near like before. I was so stressed out before that my chest would hurt/ache on a weekly basis at work. Not to mention the drive is awesome! I went the first month with ONE tank of gas. Granted I didn't go anywhere with my car other than work during that time. Always took Mike's truck on the weekends in that time.

My cousin Tyler and his girlfriend, Andrea had their baby boy on New Year's Eve, Liam Paul. He reminds me of Tyler from the pictures I saw. Still have yet to see the little guy. Maybe next weekend.

Class is still going good. One of the ladies in class made me a pink rosary. A few weeks ago we had to be introduced into the church with a special ceremony. Can't remember the exact name of it. At first I thought it was a little silly, but many commented on how beautiful it was and for them to be able to experience that with us.

Seems like I had a long list to add to this post, but my mind is now drawing a blank. Hope I can still be able to keep my readers. Don't think my life is too exciting right now especially with no wedding talk, which you may all be secretly thinking, thank goodness she doesn't go on and on again about her wedding. Which I guess I did mention it in this post, didn't I? :)