Monday, January 30, 2012


Thanks to Pinterest I've got a LOT of ideas for the wedding. One of which was this wedding tree. I was going to do this idea, but got to thinking it just wouldn't work. There is just going to be too many guest so it would end up looking very messy and more than likely unable to read most of the signatures. It does fit so well with the theme of my wedding so if I have time I may go ahead and make one. If so, I'll just have the wedding party sign it on the night of rehearsal and it will be displayed at the wedding for everyone to see. Any thoughts?

Sorry in advance, but this is probably going to be the only detail I share with you about the wedding. You'll just have to see the rest come September! :)

Weekend Wrap Up

Stayed home and got a lot of cleaning and laundry done while Mike had to bowl. It was nice to have some 'me' time. :)

BRIDESMAID DAY! Lisa met me at the house and we headed to meet the rest of the girls at the bridal shop. Found some really cute dresses. Can't wait to see all the girls dolled up on my big day. Minus one. I posted a couple weeks ago about a wedding change. Well... I no longer have a flower girl. :'( Back to a happier note, we will have three cute little boys who will most likely steal the spot light. Which I'm hoping they do something cute so it will calm my nerves some. lol I know in the past, in a friends wedding I looked sad walking up the isle. Well it was the complete opposite, I was so happy, but yet nervous. I even remember thinking in my head "smile, smile, smile, come on APRIL smile, oh would someone look at me to make me giggle or something".... my face was froze solid. Ah that better not be the case this time!

That evening we headed to the bowling alley where Mike had to bowl in a tournament then to Kittys to help Lisa celebrate her birthday again! Hard to believe she is 21! She was a senior in high school when Mike and I started dating. Which really isn't that long ago, but she has grown even more into a beautiful sweet girl!

Mike, Randy and I met their uncle at the nursing home in town to bring his grandma Holtmeyer her recliner. She's such a sweet-funny lady. She was just sitting there putting on her makeup and eyelashes on. lol Headed to Mike's mom and dads for lunch then came home to do some cleaning. Ended up not finishing all my cleaning since I got a stupid migraine. I think it was the worst I've ever had which is saying a lot! Took meds and was pretty much done for the rest of the day and evening.

First day with the new 'private' blog. I hope it's not been too inconvenient for anyone. I'm already enjoying it, knowing that people I know read my blog and no strangers from a another state or country are creeping into my life.

Monday, January 23, 2012


As of next week I am going to set my blog as private! Hope everyone understands and this doesn't make it difficult or inconvenient for anyone. Still finding it creepy to see people from other countries and states reading my blog. Don't want to narrow it down because I am well aware of certain people outside of Missouri who do read my blog. So for those of you, please don't take this personal because it's not you or anyone else I know. I'm just constantly getting people who obviously just stumble across my blog, but yet they continue to follow. (For example: UK!) Just not feeling comfortable sharing my every move with a complete strange who knows nothing about me, but yet knows my whole life story from here. :/

If you still want to follow my blog, please send your email address to


Past few weeks...

Work is getting a little better so hopefully I will be able to post back in my regularly routine.

Where to start...
My friend, Lindsay and her husband are expecting their first child!!!! I cannot wait! He/she is due to arrive a month before my wedding.

This past weekend I got the chance to catch up with a lot of friends. We had so much fun. Going out just isn't my cup of tea anymore, but every once in a while is nice!

This week or next our honeymoon will be booked! We're going to JAMAICA! This was such a hard decision to make. Thought about the Alaskan Cruise, Chicago, Florida, etc. but in the end the ALL EXCLUSIVE wins hands down.

I've set myself a wedding deadline with wedding decor. Want to have it all finished by the end of April. This summer there isn't going to be much time to do anything wedding related. I have a wedding in May, three weddings in June, bachelorette party, showers, baby shower for Lindsay, Danielle's showers and bachelorette party, etc. It's going to be one busy summer!

Last Monday night I hit a nice 9 pointer with my car! Luckily it was standing slightly off the road otherwise it could have been a bad deal. I was meeting two cars which the first one either had their bright lights on or their lights in general was just that bright. So it was already hard to see and as the second car was coming then BAM there was the deer so I had no choice, but to hit it. :( It wasn't even looking at me so I probably wouldn't have seen it until the last minute anyway. So here is $5,100 worth of damage!

This makes #3 for me and hopefully the last!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...My blogging may be very sparse the next few months. Sorry in advance. Long story short, corporate made big changes with our staff. :(

...Still thinking about moms yummy homemade chicken pot pie she made on Sunday!

...So far there is NO plans this weekend and I think I would like to keep it that way! Ready for some 'me' time!

...Last weekend I helped out a friend paint her floors in her house. I don't think we literally got 'high' from all the fumes, but we were pretty giggly. :)

...Knock on wood I haven't been sick this fall or winter. I've had a few sniffles here and there, but nothing drastic to where I had to miss work.

...Some wedding details are going to have to change. Really disappointed and sad with this one...

...Took my belly ring out about a month ago. I regret getting one since I'm almost positive it will show two brown spots once it closes up. Oh well guess it could look worse, plus it's not like I go around showing my belly all the time. lol

...Bloggers out there, have you tried the new blogger interface? Well it's not really new new. I had tried it twice and I keep going back to the old version. There is some things I don't like about it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I've been seeing this site on my hotmail and I thought I would pass it along.... It has cheap outfits, few toys, etc. I love it! I'm keeping my eyes open for Kylie a birthday present and a flower girl dress. You can't beat cheap! :) <<<<<< And this site!

...Still dreaming about Planters chocolate covered cashews. Can't believe the gas station quit carrying them. :(

...Glad the new shows are back. I've been hooked on watching Two Broke Girls on CBS Monday nights. So far, each episode in my opinion has been pretty good. Mike is secretly hooked too! lol

...I am so burnt out on work. Ready for a job change, but for now I will wait patiently until the right one comes along. Have I mentioned I'm not a very patient person when it comes to certain things? :)

...I'm considering on making my blog private. I don't care who reads my blog, but at the same time I don't know anyone in certain states or countries that is constantly logging onto my site. I find it rather creepy! I will probably send out several posts to remind everyone to send me their email addresses before actually going private. Maybe within the next month or so.... I believe some of you would have to get a google or blog account to be able to log onto my site. If it seems like too much trouble then I won't go private. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I got Kittys to go for supper and stayed home. We watched The Dilemma starring Kevin James and Vince Vaughn. I thought it was a pretty good and funny movie.

I cleaned the house from top to bottom and still didn't get everything done that I would have liked to. Mike's shower and I still fight. Its so hard to clean and once I clean it you can't tell. I told Mike that I secretly hope someone runs into that side of the house so we can redo that shower. lol Not really, but it has crossed my mind. Guess the easy solution is to save money for a new walk-in shower. :) Made some peanut butter cookies and half with Hersey kisses on top for NYE. That evening I grabbed the plate of cookies while Mike packed the cooler and we walked to our NYE party! lol Oh the perks of living in town and it was such a nice evening/weather for it. Spent the evening in Andrea and Aaron's garage playing with the kiddos, eating fried fish and all the goodies to go along with it. And of course we had to get a good game of pitch going. Definitely tell we're getting older when it hits midnight and everyone is leaving for home to sleep.

Headed to Mike's parents for Laverne's yummy fried chicken. Came back home and did NOTHING. Love days like this. Later Steve, Ashley and Jake came over so Jake could open his Christmas present. It just now dawned on me that I didn't take a picture.

Mike and I took down our Christmas lights that were outside. I didn't have anything to put them in so I just rolled each strand up and hung them on the clothes line downstairs. lol Looked a little redneck, but hey it works! Moved my bedroom around. I swear the room looks bigger. I like doing that every now and then. Gives it a fresh look. I finally got around to trying a recipe from Pinterest. It was to add Dr. Pepper to roast. It had no flavoring what so ever, not even a hint of Dr. Pepper. So needless to say, we won't be trying that again! I know it was suppose to make it more moist but it wasn't it was very dry and had no taste.