Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We were short people since a coworker was getting married and a few others were in the wedding or out on vacation so corporate let us leave at 4! That rarely happens. Headed straight to Brinktown to help set up and decorate for a couple's baby shower for Lindsay and Derrick. It was a nice evening visiting with everyone there. 

Corrie & Zach Petschonek's wedding day! Mike and I headed to my mom and dads to drop his truck off since we were staying the night and needed to drive separate the next day for my shower. Wedding was in Crystal City, Missouri. It was a long drive and we took literally 10 different roads after we got off I-44 to get to the church. lol It was nice to see different scenery along the way so we enjoyed it. My camera was being retarded. The battery was full but it kept saying battery exhausted! lol Never thought a camera would say that.
Mike and I at mom and dads before we left.
This was a main highway to get to Crystal City. The trees on the other side of the road were literally right next to the road.
Crystal City, Missouri

Grace Presbyterian Church. I should have got out and took a better picture. This picture isn't the greatest.
Michelle, Corrie and I.

The reception was in St. Louis and four hours after the wedding so we decided at the last minute not to attend. Came back to mom and dads then went out to eat at Randy's Roadkill. Surprisingly there was a few there from St. Anthony. 

Dad fixed us breakfast. Mike headed back home to go to his church with Jr. I headed to the Methodist Church then my first bridal shower was afterward. I cannot believe at how much work my church puts into showers. Very appreciative of each and every one of them especially Sharon. Got lots of goodies and some neat gifts. You could tell some of the gifts, the givers put a lot of thought into them. THANK YOU! Stayed to help clean up then headed home to show Mike our wedding gifts. 

Mom and I at the shower. I think my dress is a little long after seeing this picture or its just the fact I'm not used to wearing dresses. Well I am short so that is a contender on the issue as well! lol

Future sister-in-law, Lisa and mother-in-law Laverne. Lisa looks more excited than the bride-to-be in this picture! :) 
The low light of my weekend was heading to Mike's mom and dads to use their computer for part of our couple class. Mike and I both had to take 180 question FOCCUS test about life, relationship, etc. It was boring, very personal and I didn't see the need to take it! lol At least it's done and over with. Next month we do have an all day Pre-Cana class at St. Marys. Really not looking forward to that one. Came home and washed the gifts that needed washed then put them all away.


  1. I liked your dress! WIsh I could of made it & hung out with you a bit.

  2. Thanks Courtney! Wish you could have too, you could have sat with the pregnant group. They were sitting in a row.. Sarah, Lindsay and Beth. :)


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