Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

For Thanksgiving we are going to my grandma Feeler's around noon to eat then head to Mike's aunt and uncles house for their thanksgiving that evening. I'm sure we will be full of turkey and food by the end of the day. On Sunday we have yet another thanksgiving dinner at my house for my dad's side of the family.

I've never been into the whole black Friday shopping, so mom and I have decided to head to town around noon to eat lunch and maybe shop/look at some stores. We're both not morning people and would rather spend the full price than to deal with the chaos.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls Night

With my dad staying at deer camp all week we decided to have a girls night at my house. Both my aunts came over, Judy and Katie (Mary Kaye) and my cousin MacKensie (Katie's daughter). Katie made us comfort soup which we all enjoyed. After eating we watched My Sister's Keeper with Cameron Diaz. It's about a little girl named Anna who wanted to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on her to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

I decided to stay home with mom Friday night since Mike was at his uncle's house with the guys playing cards. We ended up watching The Ugly Truth... it was a good movie even though you could predict the ending from the very beginning. After the movie we watched a neighbors little boy, Desmon and I baked my pumpkin pies for our Fall Supper while mom made a loaf of bread to take.

It was nice to sleep in on Saturday and ended up waking up at a descent time from the pitter patters of Desmon playing upstairs with my brother Chad. Mom had fixed us chocolate chip pancakes which is a tradition most times for when company is staying the night. That afternoon I got ready and headed over to my church's Annual Fall Supper. We had a very good turn out overall and couldn't have asked for better weather. Afterwards I headed to St. Elizabeth to spend time with Mike and friends.

On Sunday Mom and I went shopping at the Lake with my Aunt Kaye and my cousins MacKensie and Tess. We didn't pick a very good day to shop at the lake outlet with it raining hard all day long. At times it was a little frustrating constantly getting wet/soaked but we did find some good deals. After a long day of shopping we stopped at Vista Grande to have a late lunch. I had Spinach and Chicken Chimi with rice and black beans, it was very good and very filling!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apple Pie Apples

I recently found this recipe from a blog I am currently following. Plan to try it sometime soon, would be a good snack this time of the year!

This is not your ordinary apple pie. Take a large Granny Smith apple, apply a thick coat of fresh, creamy caramel, then dip it in sweet white confection. Then, while still hot, roll it in brown sugar and cinnamon.
Optional: For the stick use a cinnamon stick

Also can be found on the RMCF website. They also have several options to try with apples like cheesecake and rocky road.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

Is it September? This weather has been perfect this past week, definitely not our typical November weather.

Friday evening I headed over to Mike's house to watch Mall Cops. Overall it was a good movie and I highly recommend watching it. After it was over we helped Mike's brother Randy and his girlfriend Elizabeth make deer jerky. It was very time consuming, but the end product was well worth it. I brought a bag of it home and it's already gone. I think dad devoured the rest of it Saturday evening.

Saturday I headed back home to get ready and take Shelley's family pictures. Later Mike came over and we headed to Vienna for a benefit dance/auction. It was nice to see a community come together and donate their time and money for a good cause.

Sunday we celebrated my grandpa Feeler's 85th birthday at the Broadway Baptist Church in Vichy. Several people had brought pictures of grandpa and spent the majority of the afternoon reminiscing from the pictures.

Picture of grandpa's cake.

Ashlyne decided to take a picture of our feet.

My cousin Ashlyne and Aunt Kaye

Lloyd Terry brought these hats for grandma and grandpa

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekend Recap

Met up with Mike to watch his brother Steve bowl then headed to the local bar to catch up with friends. 

Here is a picture of Elizabeth, Me and Mandy

Headed back home to do some laundry and to get ready for our trick-or-treaters. You can see the pictures on my mom's blog of our trick-or-treaters. Later that evening I headed back to Mike's house to stay the rest of the weekend since we were both off on Monday to go to Boonville. We headed to a friends house to play some pitch. On our way there we had to cross a creek, we were only the second ones to cross it since you could only see one set of tracks on the other side in the mud and sand. Luckily we made it across okay and enjoyed the rest of the evening playing pitch and watched a couple of the guys get their hair cut. It became quite entertaining considering the clippers quit half way through leaving his hair to look like a toupee. Needless to say one of the guys lives close by and went to his house to get his clippers to finish the job. 

Went to church with Mike, his brother Steve and his Uncle Junior. I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off at the Catholic Church. Everyone knows the routine down pat, sayings, prayers etc. Overall it's wasn't a bad experience just one I'm not used to. Compared to my church we all visit before it starts unlike their church you could hear a penny drop clear across the church it's so quiet. After church we ate dinner at Mike's house, his brother Randy grilled Sausage and Ribs. Everything was good as always. That afternoon Mike and I headed to Bass Pro in Columbia then off to Boonville to the Aisle of Capri. Neither one of us had the greatest luck but it was nice to get away on a mini vacation away from work on Monday.

Woke up early to head back to Mike's house since he had to help his uncle put insulation in the turkey house. I stayed at his house to finally get caught up on my facebook. Once I was finished I headed up to his grandma Luebbert's to eat lunch. Nothing beats a grandma's cooking no matter who's grandma it is! We had round steak with mushroom sauce, sweet corn right off the cob and of course mashed potatoes.