Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...Over the weekend Lisa's bridesmaid dress was at Mike's mom and dads house. Glad I asked to see it, it was in the WRONG material! I have no idea how this could of happened. I had a round about style I liked for the girls but wanted them to have a say in it just as long as it's wasn't in a taffeta material since it tends to wrinkle easy. Not a big deal, the dress we picked wasn't no where near that material. Well guess what material it came in.... TAFFETA! Part of me just wanted to say heck with it and go with the flow and the other part is not wanting to just settle because it's their mistake and my only wedding!
...This weekend is a busy one. Friday I am going to try and leave work early so I can go decorate for a friend's baby shower. Saturday I have a wedding to attend for a coworker around Chesterfield and Sunday is my first bridal shower. Looking forward to the weekend festivities, I think I should have took Monday off just to sleep in. :)

...Tomorrow I go for my dress fitting, picking up wedding invitations, and finalizing my flowers with the local florist. Getting one step closer...

...For the past few months I've exchanged a few phones calls with a lady from another newspaper. She came to me and is trying her best to get me hired there. Nice to feel wanted. All they have available right now is part time at 30 hours a week for the same pay I make now, but I can't settle for that. So therefore, I'm thinking about purchasing a Mac and the programs needed to do side work for them to get my foot in the door. Not to mention it would be sooo nice to not have to venture out in the winter when it's bad out, I can work from home! :) Did I mention this is NOT a corporate business? Corporate world sucks... aka Gatehouse Media! 

...Yesterday two people put in their notices. I hate having to go through new people all the time and reteach the process to them, but I understand they need to leave to better their career. One day, I will be able to do the same. For now I will just have to keep sucking it up! :)  

...Liking the new blogging options, this post was actually done yesterday (Tues.) and automatically posted today.


  1. You could always do the post ahead option. I've done it a lot of times!LOL

  2. LOL... Shows how observant I am!

  3. dont settle on the dress material!! :)


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