Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

After work I stopped in at mom and dads to pick up a few invitations for Mike's family and stayed until the Allen boys arrived. They were spending the night with their Dwayne and Nonnie. 

Did some cleaning around the house then got ready 80s style! I think my hair was made for the 80s, it was so easy to do. Much easier than how I have to fix it now. lol Pretty well just blow dried my hair upside down and it's was 80s big hair. I accidentally cut my shirt too short so I reattached some of it with safety pins. Not sure it that was 80s or not, I do remember seeing a fad like that at some point and time so it worked for me to consider it 80s. Mike and I headed to Lebanon where a bunch was camping in a cabin for Kristina's 30th birthday. So glad I wasn't able to float and stay the weekend as the house was packed full and a few I wouldn't want to be around especially for a full weekend. The guys played Jenga with a life sized one made with 2x4's while us girls just visited. 
Birthday girl with her cake. It's a little messed up to the right due to a hot long drive there. Poor Otto held it the whole way there.

Us girls dressed in our 80s wear, minus a few. 

Went to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. Came home to water my flowers then enjoyed the AC until it was time to head out to Joe and Dianne's. We celebrated Mike's grandma Luebbert's 85th birthday (which is today) and his mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary (Sunday). Sunday also marked the death of his grandpa Luebbert. So this time of the year is always joyous, yet sad occasion for the family. After we ate, we enjoyed the outside watching the kids (old and young) play a little basketball. By this time it was still hot but nice enough to actually enjoy it.

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