Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...I smashed my toe several months ago and its just now growing out the part that's smash. Very gross! I will be glad when I have a normal toenail again instead of this deformed alien-like one.

...I think Mike's favorite wedding gift thus far has been a recipe from his grandma Luebbert. I didn't even know there was a special spaghetti recipe in the family. lol A little surprising Mike loves it so much since there is NO meat involved with this recipe. 

...Tonight is KADEN night. Picking him up to bring to my mom and dads for them to watch. He's only came to my mom and dads a few times to stay, so this time he gets his own time without little brother hogging all the attention. 

...I am getting tired of road construction. Been over a month since they first started repairs and repaving 63. At first it wasn't bad since I would cut through A and E, but now that isn't an option since Hwy A is closed for a new bridge. Which it won't be long and they will start paving 52 as well. I don't think I going to a break for awhile. lol

...I need to start getting into the habit of writing down my checks and debit transactions. Twice within a month I thought I had more money when checks I thought went through a month ago went through now. lol You would think I would learn my lesson...

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