Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Yesterday we spent the fourth going to my great aunt Jessie's for an annual fourth of July dinner/reunion. A distant cousin brought pickled fish, dad and Todd tried some and by the looks on their faces I wasn't even going to attempt to try it. Gross! Always a big variety of meat to choose from and way too much food, with everyone there you could barely see a dent made. lol After wards we headed to visit my grandma and grandpa. I hate seeing them go down hill and the fact that my grandma may not be able to go to MY wedding due to not getting around very good and in lots of pain! Saddens me to no end, hopefully she will be able to regain her strength and be back to normal, at least some what. Came home and grill steaks on the grill with corn on the cob and zucchini.

...Is it Friday yet? I am lost on my days after having yesterday off. It look a lot of convincing this morning to make myself realize it was not Saturday and I could sleep in a little longer. Today was the first time I almost fell asleep at the wheel more than once. A little scarey and now I'm supporting a big cappuccino to wake my butt up!

...This weekend is my bachelorette party. Looking forward to seeing everyone and I hope we can fit everyone in the van. Right now we're at 16 girls in a 15 passenger van. lol 

...Invitations are going out by the end of this week if the stamps are in. I handed Mike's family theirs over the weekend and they loved the fact that they can display one side in a frame after the wedding. Not that everyone would want a framed picture of us in their home but it works out perfectly for extended family, etc. :)  

...Two more months! I am very excited, and yet extremely panicked since there is still a lot of little things to get done. Ready to be laying on the beach for a week and of course marrying my best friend!

...My co-worker finally had her baby girl, Jada Xyrisse. No clue how to pronounce the middle name. Ranae, the mom was extremely happy to meet her baby girl and to not be puking anymore! Poor girl has been sick almost every day her whole pregnancy due to gallbladder messing up during pregnancy. 

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  1. Hopefully your Grandma will be able to make it to your wedding .. I've been worrying about that since I heard she was sick. Fingers crossed :)

    I'm also lost in my days! I almost asked Rata how her weekend was this morning! LOL


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