Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The past week Mike must think we need to feed an army in our house. Thursday I forgot to lay meat out before I left for work so he laid out two packages of round steak. We purposely got smaller packages this time because there is just too much in one for the two of us. He apparently forgot and thought there wouldn't be enough. lol So we ate left over round steak a lot over the weekend. :)

On Friday Mike stopped in a local gas station which is also a mini grocery store, C&D. Comes in handy for last minute items and it being just a few minutes away. Well he passed chicken and thought that sounded good. TWO CHICKENS to be exact. lol I went ahead and baked all of it. Should have gotten another pan to put them in as you can see they look like sardines packed in. But they were very good and yet another food item we ate on all weekend. 

Despite the ridiculous heat waves, one good thing about summer is the endless supply of fresh vegetables. I LOVE zucchini although I think I may be about tired of it for awhile. Had to post the picture since I had a blonde moment. As you can see there is also carrots in the picture with butter and brown sugar. I knew they were carrots and I knew what I was putting on them. Guess I had sweet potato fries on my mind (Horny Toad's is the best!). The carrots weren't too half bad like that. :)

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