Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Went over to see Kylie and visited with Randy and Elizabeth for awhile. Picked up Kittys to go and it was an early night in. 

Picked up around the house then headed to Vienna to meet my cousin Kara and Parker. She was over an hour late due to construction work. Crazy! Came home with Parker, he was full of grins and jabbering a lot when we got home. Since he was in such a good mood we took him to Mike's mom and dads. I wish I would have got on video his reaction to Mike's dad. He first smiled real big at him then started to put with his little lip quivering. lol He was fighting to sleep and not very happy since he was gassy so we came back home. After some gas drops and a bottle he was a happy camper. That evening I took him back to meet his momma after she got off work. As soon we we pulled into Vienna, he started crying. I told him he needed to quit so mommy knew he was a good little boy all day, well that only made his crying even worse. lol 

Came home then walked over to the neighbors house where Mike was. I think Mike found a new toy he loves, have to admit it was pretty fun to play. You let a bird go flying in the air then you take the gun and shoot it to get it to stop. 

I had a migraine so I stayed home from church and slept in. Went to a bridal shower at the community center for friends of ours who is getting married in October. Came home to clean the house some more, finished my thank you cards then made spaghetti for supper. I think Mike's grandmas recipe is making this one of my favorite foods, except we have to have meat in it, unlike her recipe which is just sauce and noodles! :)

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