Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We just got word today of a man going into houses in Rolla to watch people sleep. Then he would leave a memento of some sort so who ever would know someone was in their house while they were sleeping!

This is from our webiste, therolladailynews.com
The Rolla Police Department is reminding people to lock their doors and windows after receiving reports of a man entering unlocked homes in Rolla.
According to Chief Mark Kearse, officers are unsure how long this has been going on, but the police became aware of the incidents over the last three to four days.
According to reports, the man is walking into people’s homes that are unlocked late at night and watching people sleep.
He may leave some kind of sign of him being there, but Kearse said he doesn’t believe it is anything gross. “He might be moving things,” the police chief said.
The RPD believes the man may be intoxicated while entering the homes. Reports have come from all around the city, not just one area, Kearse said.
No description of the subject is available.
Kearse is telling the public to lock their doors and windows, leave outside lights on and call on suspicious people in the area.
Anyone with information on this crime should call the RPD at 573-308-1213 and talk to a detective or call the confidential hotline at 573-364-0111.

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