Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Went to the Eagles to eat with a few girls. Had a nice evening catching up with everyone. 

Tried to sleep in until the future MIL called to say she was on her way to drop off a few gifts. lol Probably a good thing since I needed to get my butt in gear with getting things done around the house. Got all my thank yous caught up (not now after Sunday's shower:) ). That evening we walked over to the Fishers for a BBQ. Surprisingly it was a nice evening to sit out on the patio and actually enjoy it.

Got out of working the picnic, yay! Headed to pick up my own bridal shower cake since mom said so! Ha! Erin did an amazing job, can't wait to see how the wedding cake turns out now. Pictures to come. Mom, Shelley and Susan did an awesome job with the shower. Mom and dad bought me a Kitchenaid mixer (way too nice of them)! When I first read the card, it took me by surprise saying "In loving memory of grandma Dodie". My grandma was always known for buying gifts way ahead of time and even wrapped as well. Luckily for the sake of holding back tears it wasn't a gift saved back but a mixer in her memory. Got some really neat "love" blocks with our engagement pictures. Will have to post pictures of that as well, later this week.

Came home and had a visit from Kristina and Michelle. They had went to the picnic and decided to drop by before heading back. Ended up staying over two hours. lol I was glad they did so I didn't have to go up to the picnic early since it was HOT out. After they left I met Mike at the picnic where we played Bingo until 9pm. Won twice and lost too many times to count. :) Grabbed some hamburgers then walked back home.

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