Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...My pictures are finally done! I will be picking them up this Saturday!! So hopefully no one has gave up on me for thank you cards! Wanting to do a postcard of one of our wedding pictures. The reason it took so long was the photographer had major computer problems and almost lost all my pictures. The originals were saved on backup, but all the edited pictures were the ones that were almost gone. Thank goodness, otherwise she would of had to edit them all over again. For those of you that have me on FB... you may have to wait awhile to view them. I haven't decided yet, but I may wait to post them until after the thank yous are sent out. Kind of defeats the purpose for those with facebook.

...Waiting to hear from two jobs is nerve racking! Will be so nice to have a change yet I am a little petrified. I hate the unknown: Will I like it? Will I be able to do the job? Do I even qualify? Does my degree in another field hurt my chances? Job security?    
     I don't think I am qualified for either, but I am hoping they overlook my degree and want to hire me even though it's out of my career range. Which I am so ready for a change and more importantly, better hours and closer to home.

...Haven't decided yet, but we may be the only house in town next week that doesn't pass out candy. Don't really want to fork out $50+. Oh the joys of living in town!

...Class is going good. Learning more in depth about the Bible. Kind of like having a weekly class to learn about God.

...Finally got around to uploading some of our engagement pictures to FB. lol Long overdue!

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