Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy One Month!

Yesterday Mike and I spent the end of our first month of marriage by watching our wedding and reception video followed by leftover wedding roast beef.

We just to happen to get our video back yesterday so whether it was one month or two, we were both antsy to see it! I was a little disappointed in myself, I looked so sad and nervous. I am a nervous person when I'm in front of a crowd, but this day the nerves went all away. I was so proud of myself until now after seeing the video. I thought, gee April you needed to look happy and smile on the biggest day of your life. I know walking down the aisle, I was about to cry seeing Mike. Plus I was trying my hardest to keep my throat moist the entire time so I didn't start coughing like a mad woman! Which you can tell something was off with me. Oh well. Guess as long as I know I was extremely happy, that this day had finally came and I was marrying my best friend. I remember trying my best to soak in every minute of it and not ready for it to end. Apparently, I am not very good at showing my true emotions.

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