Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Finally got to use my stone pizza pan that was given to us at a shower. I loved it and not to mention the homemade pizza! May have to start making that more often. Both Mike and I devoured more than we needed!!

...This weekend we have a wedding to attend in St. E. Wish my new hubby didn't have to bartend it. 

...Hoping to get our wedding pictures in soon. Getting extremely anxious to see them!

...My mom had surgery on Monday for her shoulder due to her fall last year. It was worse than the MRI showed once they got in there, she had torn her rotator cuff in two places and had a nodule removed. She's doing good except for being very sore! Stayed there last night to help out since Mike had to bowl. Mike's idea. I think he may have been a little worried about her. :)

...I'm about due for a phone upgrade. I haven't decided if I want a smartphone or just a generic one. I keep thinking I need to ween myself from checking FB so much in the evenings and weekends since I do at work. Easier said than done. A generic phone would solve this problem, but I'm a little curious to get an IPhone because of the apps. Any suggestions on good phones, smartphone or not? 

...I love my family wall of all the family wedding photos that were display at the wedding. I will have to post a picture of it once I get a wedding picture of us to add to it. Right now there is a frame on the wall for it, supporting the picture it came with. I could sit and stare at it all day!

...Applied for a job today. Fingers crossed! I don't think I'm quite qualified for it, but you never know! It's in the same field some what that I am now in.  

...Our Lake sister papers get Monday off, but no one else does. Fair, huh? Granted it isn't a paid holiday, but it's still a day away from work! 

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  1. I'm off on Monday :) But not sure what I will do. I can't wait to see your wedding pictures either!

    I LOVE my iPhone I would love to upgrade to the iPhone 4 love the free apps. Woulnd't reccoment the iPhone 5 since its still new I am sure they will have bugs to work out.


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