Thursday, May 27, 2010


Turquoise, the new color for this summer! Do you love it or hate it?

I love it and I'm actually wearing it today. I came to work today and five of my co-workers were all wearing a turquoise shirt. You would think we sent out a memo? It was just a coincidence.

Is it bad I know when and why I purchased this shirt!? I bought it three years ago for a friend's wedding. It's the only thing I have close to turquoise, it's probably a mix between turquoise and teal. I may be looking into a future purchase of another turquoise shirt. Not because it's the "trend", I just like the color on clothing and love it on purses, but not so much a fan of it on some of the jewelry.


  1. No its not badk you remember when and why you purchased something. I remember all that sort of stuff I even remember what I wore the first date with Kenny back in Oct 1998!

  2. I like Turqouise a lot - in clothes, shoes and jewelry!!!!! I recently bought a pair of shoes, a shirt and a necklace (not to all be worn together...LOL...tacky!)

    Love it! : )


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