Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap/Week Ahead Look

Friday Mike and I met his friend Jason, his wife Megan and the rest of his family at Kitty's. I got to hold Jason's new niece Isabella who is 2 months old while they finished eating. She sure has the chubby cheeks for weighing 5 lbs. when she was born. To the right is a picture of Isabella from her baptism over the weekend. We had a great time visiting with his family and called it an early night after they played a few games of pool.

Saturday Mike, his brother Steven and I took the 4-wheeler to look at their creek bottom and to check on a new baby calf. They haven't had the greatest luck this year with their calves. I think they've lost three this year. Afterwards I headed home to do some major cleaning and finish my laundry up. That evening Mike and I headed to Rolla to pick up Pizza and came home to watch the All Star Race. It was nice to not have anything planned for once on a Saturday night.

Sunday I attended a bridal shower for Lindsay who's wedding I'm in next month. Hard to believe it's only a month away. I still need to get my dress altered. It's about two sizes too big, literally!! I figured she would get tons of stuff so I just bought household stuff that she can always used and never get enough of. Finished the evening off watching the tribute to Brooks & Dunn. It was very good!

This week...
Tonight I'm hoping we can get the pool set up.

This weekend is our annual Vichy Pig Roast at my dad's lake in Vichy. Pictures to come next week!

Hopefully this weekend we will be able to see Mike's friends new baby, Hunter Joseph Libbert.


  1. Blake is excited for this weekend too and to see you, better not tell him you have the pool set up he will want to go to your house lol. I haven't figured out where to put his pool yet.

  2. Well we didn't end up getting the pool set up last night. Hopefully we will this week some time. My lips are sealed! ;) lol

  3. I like this post! I meant to take a picture of my gift before....but I forgot 2! Darn it! lol

  4. I loved you're gift idea with the wrapping it in the newspaper with their engagement pic on it. It was cute and thoughtful! ;)


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