Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Center

I just love Family Center here in Rolla. They have the neatest house decor and carry Carhartt, Farmall, John Deere, etc. line of baby clothes. I bought this Carhartt outfit for little Hunter Libbert. I don't think his momma reads my blog nor knows it even exists. So I think I'm safe to post this!
If you're reading my blog Emily, here is Hunter's gift!


  1. I love that store! I have the same onesie for Tyler!! So cute!

  2. That's funny. I had actually thought of Tyler while I was there seeing all the John Deere clothing.

  3. I almost bought Nathan the little shorts the other day, I wanted him to wear his Carhartt bibs for this weekend but I am afraid it may be to hot. He looks so cute in them.

  4. Well maybe Saturday evening it will cool off some if he is there. Can't wait to see the little guy, I'm sure he has grown a lot since I saw him!


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