Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike and I went to see Lindsay & Derricks new house. Here is a picture of the rainbow at the beginning of their driveway.
I didn't take any pictures of their house. It was very beautiful and I LOVE her kitchen! We had a nice visit and ready to go back when everything is completely finished and decorated.

Saturday Blake came over so he could go see Mike's farm and his uncles turkeys. The rain put a damper on things we could do. I'm sure Blake will want to come back so he can ride on the tractor next time. Steven's girlfriend Ashley brought her little boy Jake to play with Blake. They had fun playing with their old tractors, although they look brand new! The rain had stop for a while so we went fishing, wasn't there 5 minutes and Steven already caught a catfish. Then the rain started in once again so we decided to call it a day and head home. Here is a few pictures!

Baby Turkeys

Blake holding a baby Turkey

Big Turkeys

Mike and Blake heading back to the truck.

Blake playing with Mike and his brother's tractors from when they were little boys. They look brand new.

Blake found a new buddy, his Mite! Stuck in TV watching Dirty Jobs.

Sunday we were all wore out and slept in. Of course we had hotdogs for lunch, Blake's favorite. Although he told my dad he likes pork steaks too so we may have to fix that on his next visit. He doesn't forget a thing so he will remember! After Blake left I watched the last of the race with Mike. I actually wanted to watch it, which surprised me! I'm not a Nascar fan nor a sports fan. Only when it comes to Mizzou or Cardinals games I will watch from time to time. That evening Mom fixed her usual Sunday evening dinner which the boys were busy and unable to attend. Their loss! As we had Chicken & Asparagus Lasagna and homemade Cinnamon Rolls. I was really surprised Mike liked the lasagna and even got seconds, he's a picky eater.


  1. I took a picture of that same rainbow at my mom's house Friday eve. You could see both ends from their driveway.
    Blake is already ready to go farm with you and Mike again!

  2. There is a second rainbow by it, you can barely see it in the picture. I wish I would of took on once we got closer to their house, it was very bright and beautiful.

    Mike is ready for Blake too. He hated he couldn't do very much with him because of the rain! He told him next time he could help him on the tractor.

  3. I am glad that Mike likes Blake as much as Blake likes him. He talked about it non stop all evening. And I am sure he is telling his friends at school all about it today.


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