Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie Review

On Saturday mom and I attempted to watch a movie, went through 3 beginnings of different movies before finally just saying heck with it and watch Babel with Brad Pitt. Being a Brad Pitt movie I thought it would be some what good, but instead it was his worst movie ever in my opinion.

The movie plays out in 4 different countries and doesn't really clue you in on how Japan plays in all of this until towards the end. I know it's suppose to show different cultures but the connections between them with the story line is just awful. Then to top it off it ends stupid, we thought a scene in the beginning was really meant for the end? No caption of going back a week or so to let you know, just have to assume.
I give it two thumbs down!!

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  1. Forgot about watching that movie.
    Not a thumbs up, for sure. The story line was hard to follow and the movie was close to three hours long. We kept waiting for the good part, but then it was over and we were like, what? That's it?


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