Friday, November 2, 2012


God sure has blessed me with some sweet cousins. Had to share a post from another cousin. My family and I watched Ashlyne a lot while she was growing up. She's more like a niece than anything since she spent so much time in our household.

When she started school, I always picked her up and brought her. She insisted every morning that she hung out with me and my friends in the high school hallways. Never failed, every day. Most kids her age looked forward to the mornings before school to have recess. I know I always did, but not Ash. She was six going on sixteen, as she would tell everyone.

I got to experience one of the most amazing things I could ever experience. My favorite cousin ever got married & I had the honors to be a part of it. April, you have no idea how excited I was when you asked me to be a part of your special day, and boy was it special! Everything went perfect. I remember when you were that 'cool big kid' I used to hangout with. I wanted to be just like you, & still
do. ♥ I still look up to you. (: I remember when I used to go to the high school with you before school in kindergarten and never wanted to go to class. It's weird knowing you're all grown up and married. Lol I miss you & I'm so glad you're happy. Love you & I will always be that little cousin that followed you around everywhere. ♥ (:

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  1. Our sweet Ashlyne and now she really is 16.
    You were a role model to her and also the others, Kara, Tess and Lizzy who came to the house often. I am very proud of you as these girls look up to you. Shows the type of person you are that you took the time with each one to show them love, care and respect.


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