Friday, November 16, 2012

Last day!

Today is my last day at Rolla Daily News. No more deadlines. No hour commute to work. Just happy sailing into my new job! Just at the right time as well, since Meta Hill opens up later today!!

Today was also snack day/my farewell!

My own pan of cinnamon rolls from a co-worker. Mike won't know what to think when I bring these home. Hope he doesn't expect these all the time since his mother-in-law just sent some home last weekend! Curious to how these will taste, they have mashed potatoes in them.

Card from the same co-worker. Very nice of her and she got me a picture frame. She also used to play with my mom when she was a little girl, small world! Sure going to miss her!

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  1. Marcia thinks alot of you. She always tells me what a good worker and person that you are. I just smile and think, "You don't really know her at all!!" lol
    I'm glad you had a good last day at the paper.
    Love ya,


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