Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Went to Ms. Kittys for Mikes 30th birthday. I don't think it hit him that everyone was actually there for him until he saw his grandma come through the door. So he was surprised. My mom and dad even came up to eat as well. Had a nice evening with everyone with lots of laughs.

Mike's 30th Birthday!! Got Mike's birthday cake fixed and ready to bake for the next day since we didn't have time to eat it on Saturday. It was lasagna, per his request. I'm sure Mike's family who is reading this may be a little shocked to know he requested lasagna! :) That afternoon I headed with Mike to a couple of spots to look for deer. No luck and neither one of us wanted to sit there and wait for one so we headed up to a neighbors for a fish fry and some visiting. Got a phone call from Steve, so we headed up to where he was hunting at with Ashley to track her doe she shot. Out there tracking blood for almost two hours. Saw it a couple of times, but it was on the move. Eventually the blood was becoming harder to track to none at all, so we gave up. Went to Joe and Diane's for some fried chicken and french fries. Got to love deer season!

Slept in. Had Mike's birthday cake, aka lasagna for dinner. Pretty well was a lazy day in the house with it being a rainy deary day. Had Dorito Mexican Chicken for supper. I didn't care for it too much, but Mike liked it. An unsuccessful Pinterest recipe. 

I think he felt silly blowing out candles, but he humored me by doing so! :)

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