Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a baby shower for Doug, Beth and baby Julia. I am so disappointed that I don't have a picture of Julia. She is so tiny and completely healthy. Thank the Lord! I never did get a chance to hold her since she was being passed around a lot with others, so I figured there is always next time. Had a nice evening visiting with everyone and enjoying the delicious fried food!
Here's a few pictures from the night:

Sorry it's sideways. Their cake was made by a co-worker of Lindsays.
A few of the butterfly diaper decorations we made. They could use a little more TLC, but we didn't have the time nor the energy on Thursday night.
My Dad aka Baby Snatcher and Abigail.
Poor Abigail's tummy was hurting so she loved being in his position, kept her content.
Happy new parents! Picture's a little fuzzy!
Wanted to sleep in, but I apparently left my phone alarm for work on auto and it went off at 5:30. couldn't really go back to sleep after that so I went ahead and got up around 7 to start cleaning the house. It was a mess. Well not really a mess, just needed a good scrub all around. Got all my wedding pictures printed out and sorted them in order to put in albums. That was quite the job since Walmart had the pictures in no particular order. That evening Mike and I got the fire pit out and watched fireworks from a distance. Not sure if someone just had them or they were for a wedding that was taking place up town. Jason, Randy and Elizabeth joined us later.

Headed to church with Mike and Jr. After church Mike and I headed to my mom and dads for my grandpa's 88th birthday! Another great family meal followed by watching a few old tapes of molasses and a cousin birthday parties. 

Mike loving what his birthday card said from his in-laws. See below pictures. I didn't find it too funny! :)

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  1. Zach helped me pick it out, he thought it was hilarious, too!! lol


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