Tuesday, November 6, 2012

QUE: hApPy DaNcE

I am so happy to announce I finally got a new job! Yay!!

This job opening literally just fell into my lap. I just knew they wouldn't even consider me with my degree. I've had that happen in the past with a really good job at MS&T. They liked me, but figured I would leave after two years to pursue my degree even after I confirmed with them I had no desire to if the right opportunity came up, like that position.

I pretty well gave up on a call back after my interview. Even though I felt it went really well and like I had the job. The anticipation was killing me and I was running out of patience. Last Friday (a week after the interview) I was just about to call them to check if the position had been filled and they called me, to offer the position. All I wanted to do was a big happy dance in the break room.

I am already having new job jitters and the unknown factor with job security. It's going to be very overwhelming at first, like with any new job, but I'm ready to tackle something new. I am so excited to only have a 7-10 minute commute to work and excellent benefits. Huge plus, especially since I just learned the insurance at my current work is going up!

So you're now looking at a new employee in Customer Service for Diamond Pet Foods. I start in two weeks so wish me luck! VERY EXCITED!! 


  1. Yay I'm so happy for you knew you'd get it :)

  2. YAY!!! Congrats! Closer to home too!! Good luck. God is good, isn't he?! : )

  3. It's just my daughter inherited this impatient attitued from her mother. But we have both seen this past year in even minor events, God had a hand in it and everything worked out. If only we could trust more.
    Several years ago, April thought her world was crumbling and in a very short time God put her and Mike together at the same event in a town neither one normally goes to. Fate? No, I think it was God's divine intervention. April is so happy with her new life in St. Elizabeth and we are thrilled with our new son-in-law. The boys and Mike get along great and now April has a job close to her new home. Which is a feat in itself as there is no easy way to get to Rolla or Jefferson City from there. I am so thankful to God for the plans he had for our daughter's life.

  4. So exciting. I love reading good things and seeing people remember GOD when it appears everyone has forgotten him today after the election - based on my fb news feed no one remembers he is in control, not US....

    Congrats again, April. I hope you find great joy at your new job!!


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