Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I am solo this week in my department. So far it's going well, not sure why this girl is getting overtime daily when I get all her work done in 20 minutes. No joke. Very annoying. I'm sure by Friday I may be pulling my hair out with deadlines especially with the holiday approaching. :)

...Surprisingly today isn't too crazy so I've been working on our guest book. Took me awhile to figure out Shutterfly, it's very hard to navigate.

...Can't believe it's already that time of the year for the Annual Pig Roast. We may opt out of going Saturday since we would have to drive home Saturday night then turn right around and drive right back Sunday around noon. Still deciding on a dish to take, probably go with my usual Dorito Salad.

...Weddings for next year are set: April 20th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Wilde), May 4th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Holtmeyer), June 15th (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Boessen), and June 22nd (Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Holtmeyer)!! - I was missing a wedding from last week in my counting. So now we're at 4 weddings and counting for 2013... :)

...Looking forward to a much needed three day weekend!

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