Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I ended up working a little late since I was off that morning for pictures. Finally, our engagement pictures are done and the weather was perfect for it! Went to Lowes to pick up a few things along with Mother's Day gifts for my mom and Laverne. Went ahead and dropped moms off at her house then headed with her to visit my grandma and grandpa. Our short visit ended up being a very long, but a good one. My cousins son, Gunner ended up having a birthday party there. Dropped mom off and I headed towards home. Mike along with his brothers and uncle were eating at Kitty's as a treat from their neighbor, Roger as a thank you for hauling hay. So I stopped in to visit before heading home.

Mom came over so we could tackle wedding decorations. The paint ended up being too light than what it was suppose to be so we didn't get a thing accomplished wedding wise. Really need to quit procrastinating on this! My dad and brothers went to get fitted for their tuxes so after wards they came to the mouth of the tavern (which is about 5 miles from me) to fish. Got done early so they headed to check out Mike's farm. Little did they know, they got put to work! Chad and Todd went with Mike to cover some hay while dad stayed back and rode the tractor with Steve and also with Mike's dad. Not sure who to feel sorry for, Steve being stuck with my dad or my dad being stuck with Steve. lol That evening my side of the family had our Mother's Day dinner at the house. It was a nice evening to sit outside and visit. Randy and Elizabeth came over as well.

Went to church with Mike and Jr. Last Monday we finally met with the Deacon, Steve. He told me I could come up for communion I just had to place my hands across my chest in a cross position and I would be blessed v. taking communion. I knew I didn't have to, but I kept feeling the nudge to do so. Plus I think my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I clearly over analyze everything which leads to me getting in a little nervous! I just hate the feeling like I may be disrespecting the Catholic church even though I'm more than positive I'm not. It was rather obvious for everyone when I was in line. I was in Steve's line and he didn't look up until the last minute right as he was starting to give me the bread or the correct term, communion wafer. I may be wrong one that term, I had to google it. lol Went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner after church. After we ate Mike and took the four wheeler out for a drive to check the other farm where his dad was spraying the field for weeds. Later that evening we headed to Mike's aunt and uncles for dinner. Ended the evening watching the last and final episode of Desperate Housewives.

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