Monday, January 23, 2012


As of next week I am going to set my blog as private! Hope everyone understands and this doesn't make it difficult or inconvenient for anyone. Still finding it creepy to see people from other countries and states reading my blog. Don't want to narrow it down because I am well aware of certain people outside of Missouri who do read my blog. So for those of you, please don't take this personal because it's not you or anyone else I know. I'm just constantly getting people who obviously just stumble across my blog, but yet they continue to follow. (For example: UK!) Just not feeling comfortable sharing my every move with a complete strange who knows nothing about me, but yet knows my whole life story from here. :/

If you still want to follow my blog, please send your email address to



  1. I better get an invite :) You already have my email address.

  2. Hmmm... I will have to think about that! :)

  3. Ha ha your funny, that's ok I will just keep two little boys who love their April away :)

  4. Whenever you change it, add me!! I might forget between now and then! :)

  5. Sarah, I already put your email on my list! :)


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