Monday, January 23, 2012

Past few weeks...

Work is getting a little better so hopefully I will be able to post back in my regularly routine.

Where to start...
My friend, Lindsay and her husband are expecting their first child!!!! I cannot wait! He/she is due to arrive a month before my wedding.

This past weekend I got the chance to catch up with a lot of friends. We had so much fun. Going out just isn't my cup of tea anymore, but every once in a while is nice!

This week or next our honeymoon will be booked! We're going to JAMAICA! This was such a hard decision to make. Thought about the Alaskan Cruise, Chicago, Florida, etc. but in the end the ALL EXCLUSIVE wins hands down.

I've set myself a wedding deadline with wedding decor. Want to have it all finished by the end of April. This summer there isn't going to be much time to do anything wedding related. I have a wedding in May, three weddings in June, bachelorette party, showers, baby shower for Lindsay, Danielle's showers and bachelorette party, etc. It's going to be one busy summer!

Last Monday night I hit a nice 9 pointer with my car! Luckily it was standing slightly off the road otherwise it could have been a bad deal. I was meeting two cars which the first one either had their bright lights on or their lights in general was just that bright. So it was already hard to see and as the second car was coming then BAM there was the deer so I had no choice, but to hit it. :( It wasn't even looking at me so I probably wouldn't have seen it until the last minute anyway. So here is $5,100 worth of damage!

This makes #3 for me and hopefully the last!!!!


  1. Wow! i have seen my share of deer calims & that is pretty bad. Where in jamacia are you headed? We went to Negril & LOVED it.

  2. We're thinking Montego Bay. I hope we love it and have a good experience there especially since Mike has never seen the ocean or anything.


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