Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...This Friday I have a Thirty-One Party to attend. Never been to one, but love their products.

...Saturday morning I have a wedding to attend for a coworker. It's an early morning wedding so I'm not sure what the rest of the day will be in store for us.

...Finally got all my flowers planted. Now I want more!! Maybe I need to find a money tree first!

...I will NEVER again buy a border to plant into the ground outlining my flower bed. It took me forever to dig a stupid trench for that thing. But it does look good.

...Well next week I am not only adding some color to my hair, but I'm also going short! I am tired of it and hate dealing with it. So it's going shoulder length with it a tad bit longer in the front. I had that hair style almost two years ago and loved it! Hopefully that will be the case again.

...I've been debating hard about taking a full week off from work this summer. I haven't miss more than two days at a time since I started working here. I've been employed here since November 3, 2008 to be exact. So I am well overdue. I've had the time to use every year, but I just always hate taking off that much when I know I am needed here.


  1. Glad you can come on Friday!! Look forward to seeing u!! :)

    I bet ur hair will look cute!! I've been thinking of cutting mine off too!!!

    u should post pics of ur flower bed!! I have been working on mine a lot lately too, feels good to be done i bet!! :)

  2. You should have had the boys come over Blake loves to dig in the dirt. And loves planting flowers. Although Nathan may like to just dig and play.

    I hope your hair turns out like you want. I am sure it will look great.


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