Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well I have a few minutes free this morning so what better way to use that time than to blog. I felt so deprived from the blog world - even though it's only been a few days. ;) I have one graduation tabloid done and sent to the press, now to finish two more by the end of this week. I'm thinking that week long vacation is starting to become a need and a soon fix from all this ciaos.

Friday I attending a Thirty-One party. I couldn't decide between two styles so I got them both. lol I know they will both be used ALL the time so it was money well spent. Pictures to come when I receive them.

Saturday Mike and I got up early and headed to Rolla for a co-workers wedding at 10:30. It was a small wedding, but a good one at that. The weather was crappy so afterward Mike and I came back home. I was so tired from the work week and my eye lids weren't staying awake any longer so I took a short nap. Big mistake! I hate feeling like crap after a nap. That evening we went to a friends house to eat fried chicken and played cards. It was my first time playing 6-hand pitch with two decks. Had a great time and the girls won about every game. We're just that good and good at talking across the table! :) We had so much fun in fact that when one finally asked what time it was, it was almost four in the morning! It didn't seem like we were there for 7 hours playing cards. Just the thought of the time made all of us quit the last game and head home for bed.

Sunday we slept in of course then went to my grandma and grandpa Feeler's for dinner. They just got back from there trip so grandma just ordered Lee's Chicken for everyone. Came home, did some laundry, made meatloaf, and called it a night!

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