Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Due to power failure and then not getting our internet up and running yesterday until 4, made for a LONG day at work and no blogging of course.

Friday I picked the Allen boys up after work then headed to St. Elizabeth. Blake thought he was something else getting to leave his little brother behind while him and Mike went over to Jr's lake to feed the fish and to see the turkeys. Ended the evening watching Toy Story 3.

Saturday morning I fixed chocolate chip pancakes. I wasn't paying much attention and ALL of them turned out a little more brown than I like. Felt like it was my first time making pancakes. I've never burned pancakes until now. They still tasted fine and both boys loved them. Cleaned up then took the boys to Mike's mom and dads. Blake wanted to go the night before so he could play with all the toys so he was getting very antsy. So antsy in fact, that he wanted to stay with Mike's mom and not take a 4-wheeler ride so he could play. So Mike and I ended up just taking Nathan on a 4-wheeler ride to see the cows then to visit some neighbors. After ward we came home to eat lunch then the boys, Mike and Blake took out again. I stayed back so Nathan could take a nap. Here's a picture of Nathan getting sleepy. Got a call later asking if Nathan was up that I should come down there and take pictures of Blake's fish he caught. So we did and boy did he ever catch some fish. Here is a picture of Mike and Blake with his catfish.
And another with a good size crappie. Blake fished with others the rest of the afternoon as we watched. I was a little glad Nathan was very shy around everyone. Made it easier so we didn't have to keep chasing after him by the lake. He had fun watching his big brother and being goofy. He loves to say ouch, so he would pretend he couldn't walk, fall over, giggle, say ouch, and then do it all over again. lol That evening mom and dad came to pick up the boys. The house was so quiet after they left.

Sunday Mike and I went to my great uncle's auction in Vichy. Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening being lazy.

Have a great week!

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  1. You will have to email me these pictures. Blake told me how big his fish was and well he wasn't telling a fish tale! I didn't realize they were that big. Glad you enjoyed the boys and that they had lots of fun with you and Mike.


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