Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike had to work late and I headed straight to my grandma and grandpa Feeler's house after work to celebrate Mother's Day. They were leaving the next day for Arizona to see my uncle Russ and great uncle Glenn. So glad my grandma is able to make another trip to see her brother once again. We had the perfect evening for a family get-together. Of course every time I sit by grandpa he always has to find some joke or new picture they have received, old or new to show me. This time it was a joke from his mule book. It was quite the tale and experiencing it with my grandpa made it even more special. Oh, how I love his laughs! :) My cousin R.J.'s little boy, Bradley along with my cousin Krissi's little boy, Kaden had quite the time playing together. Here's a picture of the two boys. Kaden is to the left, his looks are a spitten image of my brother, Chad when he was that age.

Saturday Mike had to work once again. I spent most of the morning-day doing some spring cleaning. After Mike got home we headed to Jeff so I could pick up some flowers. Ah, finally my flower beds can be filled with something other than DIRT! It wasn't quite dark yet by the time we got back home so I quickly got the front flower bed finished. Now if I can get to the back flower bed this evening or tomorrow evening I will be set.

Sunday Mike and I went to my church. After church we headed to my mom and dads for dinner. I think we've made a new family tradition to watch Swamp People. I love that show. Almost makes me want to get out there and hunt gators. ;) That afternoon we headed to Mike's mom and dads for supper. It was the perfect weather for Kylie and Jake to bring out there Little Tikes' four-wheelers.

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